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What Resolution Do You Play Games At?

Whether you are a FPS Gamer, MOBA, RTS,  MMO, RPG or any of the other possibilities out there, as a PC gamer there is one item that drives much of the upgrading focus we have .What part of your build is a defining factor to your gaming experience  that many times does not get thought about enough?

If you thought the GPU aka the graphics card you would be partially right except for everyone considers the graphics card. So take a second guess… that’s right, the monitor. You get a pat on the back if you guessed the monitor or monitors in general. Resolution along with IQ (Image Quality) are the biggest factors that influence game performance outside of the game engine itself. While the game engine defines how complex and what type of graphic features are supported. Overall performance varies depending on the resolution and IQ settings and of course the graphics card you play on. What we would love to find out is what resolution do you play at? Not only will you be providing us some valuable information that will help in cultivating content. This information will also be relevant in how we approach testing. On top of that you have the chance to win a copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Do you game at non-native resolutions, an example being you have a 2560×1440 panel but you play at 1920×1080? Or are you like me and prefer to run at native resolution? Are you one of those users who play in multi-monitor configurations whether it be NVIDIA Surround or AMD Eyefinity? I have 3 monitors at home which are all 2560×1440, even though I have three monitors I do not run a multi-monitor setup for gaming.  My gaming focus and much of my upgrading is centered around ensuring I can have a great gaming experience at that 2560×1440 resolution. This type of mindset and questions that come along with it are important to consider as much as what GPU to purchase when building a new system. Why, you ask? It comes down to pairing your hardware to the experience you are looking for and if the experience is controlled by resolution  then you have to consider the monitor. If you have a 2560×1440 monitor it should define which GPU you are going to need to consider more clearly than just thought of “I want a fast GPU or I want to play BF4 at its highest settings”. The reason being, is that the resolution tied in with the IQ settings will let you know whether a GTX 760 is going to give you the experience you are looking for as opposed to you having to consider a GTX 780 or GTX 780 Ti.

So what do you need to do to potentially win a copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts? Simple, just fill out the survey below and post a comment in our recent article about PC gaming impressions for COD: Ghosts. We look forward to your feedback and please make sure to do both the survey and leave a comment on our COD: Ghosts article. The winner will be picked at random and announced on Wednesday, November 13th.



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