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AMA ASUS Networking – Ask your questions about ASUS Networking and WiFi

Hello PCDIY readers. It has been a busy year on the networking front with a wide range of new products with equally extensive updates to our ASUS WRT firmware being released. All of this has brought to market an extensive range of products with impressive features and functionality. At the same time for some it can also bring about confusion or the need for clarification or further detailing. One of our key goals here at PCDIY is to make the decision making process clearer and therefore easier. As such we are doing our first crowd sourced Q/A session. This will be an opportunity for you the community to submit your questions on 802.11 AC in general, product design, features and functionality and much more. I will be looking to released a video late this week or early next week via our PCDIY YouTube channel with the Q/A. Moving up till them this post is a place where you can used the comment thread to leave your questions or you can also submit them to the PCDIY email at PCDIY@ASUS.COM

As some questions come in and I notice they have a high level of interest I will update this post with the most frequently asked questions.

Look forward to the questions!


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