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ARES III The Fastest AMD Graphics Card Preview – Computex 2014

We are excited to provide a preview of the upcoming fastest AMD graphics card ever produced, the ARES III. With a clear focus on performance the ARES III focuses on yielding PC gamers with an uncompromising design purpose built for UHD resolutions, maximum image quality and impressive FPS performance. The ARES III has been under design and development for an extended period of time and faced many design challenges in creating a true ultra high performance pre built water cooling exclusive graphics card. The aim to create a card that offers truly impressive out of the box performance not only in regards to clock speeds but in relation to temperatures and acoustics has again been achieved by ASUS ROG graphics card division. For those looking for a card offering even faster, cooler and quieter performance than the R9 295X look no further than the ARES III.

Quick details and usage environments

The ARES III has been built to truly offer a level of design that aligns with the wants and needs of the ultra PC enthusiast. Uncompromising in its design aesthetic while equally bringing an attention to detail in its non reference design. From the non reference PCB and VRM to a fully custom water block the ARES III is truly a unique and innovative performance product. For the ultra enthusiast PC gamer there has been a recent shift to push ultra high resolutions exceeding the previous norm of 2560×1440 and stepping into UHD resolutions whether it be 4K at 3840×2160 or even higher resolutions when considering multi monitor environments using Eyefinity. The ARES III is engineered specifically for these high end gaming scenarios where the mantra of maximum resolution, image quality and frame rate are all equally valued. The ARES III is compromised of a fully non reference PCB  and VRM assembly. The GPUs have been binned and hand screened to ensure outstanding performance in a number of key parameters.   All this to ensure you can have a product that fits in a single slot, looks impressive offer considerably cooler operation than reference designs while offering faster performance, significantly quieter operation and still offers the user overclocking capability.

Initial specifications

  • GPU: dual R9 290X (Hawaii) GPU
  • GPU clock: It will certainly be faster than R9 295X, but as we are still binning 1,000 of the best GPUs aiming for the highest clock speeds, we are not ready to announce the GPU clock yet.
  • Memory size: 8GB GDDR5 total
  • Power requirement: We recommend at least 1,000W PSU be installed for a single ARES III. Card power use is dependent on clock speeds, which will be determined by launch.
  • Slot: single slot with exclusive custom designed EK water block

More details to come soon regarding the newest ARES III graphics card. Stay tuned. Until then some beautiful photos of the card we have been very hard at work at.

Slide58 Slide59 Slide60


How many ARES III are you making?

There will be 500 units made. Each card is numbered to highlight its limited edition nature.

How much will it cost?

MSRP will be announce closer to product availability.

When will it be released?

Current release target is late Q3.




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