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NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready 344.65 drivers released

For those of you out there who have picked up RYSE, COD Advanced Warfare, Civilization Beyond Earth, Lords of The Fallen or will be picking up Assassins Creed Unity you want to make sure and download the latest NVIDIA Game Ready drivers released today. NVIDIA has been busy on optimizing performance adding SLI profiles and more in the latest driver release. As always if you are looking for the best gameplay experience you will want to have the latest drivers. In addition some big updates have been incorporated for users of the ROG SWIFT PG278Q G-SYNC gaming monitor this includes a feature many have been asking for G-SYNC Surround.

You can pick up the latest drivers automatically via the GeForce Experience software and its automatic updater or you can download them from the link below.


Some of the profiles added in this update along with the .60 update are

• Assassin’s Creed Unity – control panel FXAA disabled

• Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – SLI and stereo profiles added

• Dead Rising 3 – SLI-Single profile added

• Elite Dangerous – SLI profile added, control panel FXAA disabled

• Escape Dead Island – SLI profile added

• FIFA 15 – SLI-Single profile added

• Lichdom: Battlemage – SLI profile added

• Lords of the Fallen – SLI profile added

• MechWarrior Onlin – DX11 SLI profile added

• Monster Hunter Online Benchmark – SLI profile added

• Ryse: Son of Rome – SLI profile added, stereo blocked

• Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth – ambient occlusion (AO) profile added

• Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition – SLI profile added

• The Crew – control panel FXAA disabled

• The Vanishing of Ethan Carter – SLI profile added


Beyond these profiles NVIDIA has incorporated a wide range of additional features and functionality these include


NVIDIA DSR ( Dynamic Resolution )

Dynamic Super Resolution produces smoother images by rendering a game at a higher
resolution and then downscaling it to the native resolution of the display using
advanced filtering. Controls are available on the NVIDIA Control Panel->Manage3D
Settings page.

DSR supported has been extended to  Kepler and Fermi based GPUs


3D Vision ( 3D Stereo )

Nvidia recently enhanced 3D Vision supoprt with a new 3D profile option and they have further enhanced it by including “3D Compatibility mode” inside of the NVIDIA control panel.


Surround ( Multiple displays, spanned displays )

NVIDIA has increased surround display support from 3 panels to 5 panels. Additionally they have added support for G-SYNC displays.



NVIDIA has added supprot for cloned G-SYNC displays as well as cloned G-SYNC/non G-SYNC displays. As previously noted G-SYNC Surround is now supported as well.


NVIDIA Miracast

Enabled NVIDIA Miracast on Windows 8.1. This allows Maxwell GPUs to stream video and graphics over Wi-Fi to Miracast displays.


NVIDIA’s driver releases have been packed as of late not only providing Game Ready profiles to ensure a solid gaming experience for the latest games but have also introduced a lot of value. Improvements in secondary applications like Shadowplay and GameStream have been awesome. Additionally the GeForce Experience automatic optimizations are really coming along doing a great job of providing quality profile that can be tuned to resolution, image quality or frame rate. If you have not recently check it out you owe it to yourself to check out the solid functionality being offered within the GeForce Experience.

Below is a screenshot of the most recent version. You can see the options for integrated DSR ( supersampling ),game resolution for optimization as well as granular slider to prioritize performance over quality.

GeForce Experience


In addition Shadowplay has received various improvements even for previous Kepler series cards now allowing them to record up to resolutions of 2560 x 1440. Newer Maxwell based cards can go even higher and leverage the H.265 encoder and record in resolutions up to 4K ( 3840 x 2160 ).



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