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Hot Off The Press – New UEFI BIOS Updates – Firmware – Nov 2014

It has been a while since our last hot of the press but we hope to be on track to bring you these updates now on a weekly basis. There have been continued releases for a wide range of motherboards since our last post including the range of Z97 and X99 motherboards so if you have not checked your support page recently make sure to do so.

As any enthusiast knows hardware only takes you so far. When considering what affects your experience with component products whether it be a motherboard, graphics card or a router, firmware makes a big difference. Firmware affects almost all aspects of a product whether it be performance, compatibility / interoprability, reliability as well as general functionality and even the GUI.  This is an area ASUS has spent considerable time and effort, committing a large number of its internal resources to ensure we have leading firmware that provides a superior user experience. In this new ongoing series we will be covering new updates as they are released. We will be noting what type improvements they enable or implement. Additionally as drivers can also affect performance considerably we  will do our best to give you visibility on important driver releases that can provide or enable new functionality, resolves issues or overall improve the user experience. So if you have been wondering whether a new UEFI ( BIOS ) has been released for your board. look no further.

Below is the list of motherboards have received updates this month. As always you can grab these updates at support.asus.com. For networking we hope to have the list of released firmware available soon and incorporate this into our weekly update.

I have listed updates issues for motherboards since our last post in mid Sept.

I would recommend you use control F ( find ) to search if your motherboard is listed.

For the majority of users if you currently have a system working free of issues then I would advise there is no need for updating your firmware ( UEFI / BIOS ). Conditions I would recommend you update the UEFI are noted below.

  1. Building your system – Updating to the latest UEFI will help to ensure you have the best interoprability, compatibility, performance and stability
  2. Experiencing stability or compatibility issues – While stability and compatibility issues can be affected by a wide range of factors independent of the UEFI if you have gone through standard troubleshooting steps and have verified the issue at stock operation ( as well after a full clean OS installation ) you should consider updating to a newer UEFI / BIOS.
  3. Interested in new features – At times post the launch of initial firmware we may integrate new levels of functionality into the UEFI and applications associated with the UEFI ( such as AiSuite ).

Advisory note – Updating the UEFI can affect RAID configurations due to the option ROM potentially being updated / modified this can render a previously configured RAID unusable. As such it is always advised if you are running a RAID to research prior to the update as well as complete a backup of important data.

J1800I-C-SI 0605
J1800I-A-SI 0605
C8HM70-I-HDMI-SI 0702
C8HM70-I-SI 0702
P8Z77-I-DELUXE-SI 1201
P8H61-MX-R2 1109
AM1M-A 0801
H87I-PLUS-SI 2002
H81M-K-TW-SI 0602
Z87I-PRO-SI 1003
Z87-PRO 2103
Q87M-E 1202
P8Q77-M2 1201
P8Q77-M 1302
X99-A 0402
X99-DELUXE 0904
X99-S 0904
Q87T-SI 0908
J1900I-C-SI 0607
CS-B 1107
X99-PRO 0401
A58M-E-R2 0405
M5A78L-LE-R2 0307
B85-PRO-GAMER 2103
H81M-E-ASUS-M52AD 0201
H81M-E-ASUS-M12AD 0201
VM62N 0901
B85M-V-PRO-SI 0309
VM62 0804
B85M-V-PLUS-SI 0403
X99-PRO 0502
X99-A 0502
A68HM-E 0401
Z97-E 0312
A68HM-K 0403
F2A55-M-LK2-PLUS 6307
F2A55-M-LK2 6307
A55M-E 0710
F2A55-M 6602
A58-C 0503
A55M-A-USB3 6504
A88XM-PLUS 1701
A88X-PRO 1401
P8H61-M-LE-CSM-R2 1414
A88X-PLUS 1801
H81M-C-ASUS-BM2AD 0401
Q87M-E 1303
Z97I-PLUS 2205
H97I-PLUS 2304
Z97-PRO-GAMER 0401
H97M-E 2205
H97M-PLUS 2305
H97-PRO-GAMER 2206
Z97M-PLUS-BR-SI 2306
H97-PRO 2510
Z97-C 2304
Z97-K 2305
Z97-K-R2 0507
H97-PLUS 2306
Z97M-PLUS 2309
Z97-P 2507
VC62B 0310
M5A78L-M-LX-V2 1602
M5A78L-M-USB3 2001
M5A78L-M-LX-PLUS 1701
VM62 0901
VM42 0901
X99-DELUXE 1004
X99-S 1004
X99-A 1004
X99-PRO 1004
A58M-E 1201
A58M-K 1001
A58M-F 0801
A55BM-E 2101
A55BM-K 1401
A58M-A-USB3 1001
A55BM-A-USB3 2102
A55M-A 6505
B85M-V-PLUS-SI 0405
Z97-A 2012
Z97-AR 2012
Z97-DELUXE 2012
GRYPHON-Z97 2012
B85M-V-PRO-SI 0310
H81M-V-PLUS-SI 2003
H81M-C-ASUS-ED2AD 0305
A58M-E-ASUS-G20BM 0213
A58M-E-ASUS-G20BM 0401
H87M-PLUS-ASUS-2103.ROM 2103
AM1M-A-BR-SI 0303
H81M-P 0303
VM62N 1003
Z97M-PLUS 2402
UN62 0226
Z97-K 2307
Z97I-PLUS 2301
Z97-PRO-GAMER 0402
Z97-C 2305
Z97-K 2308
H97I-PLUS 2305
Z97I-PLUS 2302
P8Z68-V-PRO-GEN3 3703
B85-PLUS 2108
H81M-D-PLUS 2109
B85M-V-PLUS-SI 0407
J1900I-C-SI 0608



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