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Offical ASUS Poll – AMD FX mATX Motherboard

I am continuing to get feedback from users regarding the “want” of a mATX 900 series motherboard that offers rich features and functionality and solid overclocking. While there are some high performance quality mATX solutions currently available for AMD they are focused on the FM2+ platform and A series chipset. Users looking for Am3+ support generally have to consider entry level chipsets with limited design in regards to features, functionality and overclocking support.

While the 900 series chipset is a bit dates it still has solid specifications and we could improve many key points of functionality by introducing new features we have already released on our  latest Intel chipset based motherboards. What I would like to get a sense of is how many of you are interested in a high performance 900 series mATX motherboard.

Some of my specifications I would target in discussion with out PM ( product management team is noted below )

1. Current Fan Xpert III fan controls ( meaning true 3pin DC , 4pin PWM ) fan support with at least 5 fan headers

2. Intel NIC

3. Isolated audio design ( similar to our current Crystal Sound 2.0 )

4. High performance VRM design with robust heatsink and fan assembly. ( Ensuring overclocking on FX6xxx or FX 8xxx series CPUs would not have any issues )

5. Updated USB 3.0 support with full XHCI 1.0 support from ASMedia 1042A controller.

6. M.2 support should be possible so yes

7. Optional module for mini PCIe wireless module ( it would not be included to help reduce cost ).

If this is something you are interested in please select a choice from the poll link supplied below. Additionally if you have any questions, comments or feedback please feel free to note it in the comments section or submit it to PCDIY@ASUS.COM

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