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PG348Q ASUS 34″ Ultrawide QHD IPS 21:9 Curved G-SYNC Monitor

The ASUS display team has been busy developing a number of new monitors based on the feedback of the PC display enthusiasts and PC gamers. Two of the most requested specifications enthusiast gamers have expressed interest in are 21:9 aspect ratios and curved LCD panels.

At Computex ASUS is showing of a prototype that takes those specifications and incorporates the innovative and performance oriented design ROG products are known for. PC gamers who looking for a monitor that not only offers an ultra wide curved display but superior color reproduction, improved motion clarity as well as smooth responsive tear free gaming have to look no further than the concept ultra wide curved display being shown.

Below you can see a render of this monitor currently titled “ROG 34″ Curved Gaming Monitor”  * Update 8/18/2015 the formal model number for this monitor is PG348Q

ROG 34 inch curved gaming monitor


Update 9-2-2015

Below you see the latest product photos for the PG348Q. Of main note you will the new ROG color theme and ID present in the new PG348Q ROG SWIFT.


PG348Q Front View1-PG34-back-view




ROG 34-inch Curved G-SYNC Monitor Resized ROG 34-inch Curved G-SYNC Monitor_Back Resized

Key specifications & features

*not all specifications / feature or functions are detailed and or final. This product is still under design and development

  • 34”
  • 3440×1440 resolution
  • 21:9 ultra-wide aspect ratio for increased immersion and improved horizontal workflow
  • IPS based panel for superior color reproduction, black levels, reduction of color shifting and wide viewing angles
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC equipped offering smooth, responsive tear free gaming with improved motion clarity. Additionally equipped with ULMB operating mode for outstanding motion clarity.
  • Ultra thing “frameless” design for seamless surround gaming
  • ASUS exclusive GamePlus features and Turbo Key
  • Ergonomic adjustment including tilt, swivel and height adjustment

Product Name / Model Number:



*This monitor is still under design and development and as such features, functions and specifications are not final

1. When will this be available?

At this time the monitor is still under design and development. No release date has been set.

2. What is the refresh rate?

formal operating specifications will be released soon including effective operating refresh rate range

Update – Additional photos

ASUS Curved G-SYNC Monitor


Update – 8/18/2015

More information will be released in September 2015. Stay tuned.

Update – 9-2-2015

More photos from ASUS IFA 2015


ROG PG348Q with G20 special edition ROG PG348Q with P.O.D mod powered by Maximus VIII Extreme Assembly and Matrix GTX 980Ti Platinum



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