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The Fastest GTX 980 – ASUS GTX 980 Gold Edition

As some of you may know ASUS is not only celebrating our 500 million motherboard accomplishment but we will be celebrating our 125 million graphics cards milestone. This along with following our 25th anniversary comes our 20th anniversary in the graphics card production. What is the best way to kick things off? How about new graphics cards with more MHz!

Can you guess the #guessthecoreclock

Stay tuned for more we are just getting started!


We are excited to annouce the world’s fastest GTX 980! Clocked at 1.431 MHz more details to come. This card is the ASUS GTX 980 Gold Edition 20th Anniversary Edition. It will be produced in limited quantities.

The Fastest GTX 980 GOLD20TH-GTX980-P-4GD5_box+vga GOLD20TH-GTX980-P-4GD5_Layer GOLD20TH-GTX980-P-4GD5_PCB GOLD20TH-GTX980-P-4GD5_3D2 GOLD20TH-GTX980-P-4GD5_2D GOLD20TH-GTX980-P-4GD5_3D GOLD20TH-GTX980-P-4GD5_IO GOLD20TH-GTX980-P-4GD5_¡I¡¦ GOLD20TH-GTX980-P-4GD5_20th


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