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PCDIY AMD Gaming Live Stream

Hello All,

Sept continues to be a busy month. Here in the PCDIY labs we have been busy testing a wide range of new hardware while also setting up our new small live stream server. Speaking of live streaming we will be kicking off our new live stream series which will include builds, gaming impressions, Q&A’s, live guides & tutorials along with much more soon. In fact this week we will have a small test live stream where I will be answering your questions, showing off some new products and playing a few awesome unreleased games.  Make sure to stop by and ask your questions and find out what we have been up to. Also while your there make sure to subscribe to the PCDIY YouTube channel.



Wednesday Sept 23 2015

PST 12:45 PM and 6:00 PM PST


PCDIY YouTube channel

How can I ask questions?

  1. Tweet your questions to @ASUSTECHMKT JJ
  2. Email me your questions – PCDIY@ASUS.COM
  3. Post your question in the comments section of this post
  4. Post a comment / question during the live stream

What will be discussed / featured

I will be focusing on some of the latest AMD ASUS products including:

  • MG series monitors – The MG278Q and the MG279Q ( FreeSync )
  • AMD R9 STRIX series graphics cards including the STRIX R9 390X/390 and STRIX R9 380
  • APU enabled system featuring A88X motherboard and latest AMD APU A10-7870K
  • Your questions regarding PCDIY and more!

What will you be playing?

We will be playing a couple of awesome unreleased games including

Hollow Knight

Stregth of the sword

depending on time one or two other games


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