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PCDIY Live Stream & Q&A #6 10/27/2015

We are coming up on Wednesday and for those in the know that means it’s time for another PCDIY live show. The PCDIY live show is the best place to get updates on all things ASUS while also getting information and insights into the latest in tech news, tech hardware, software, games and more. Topping it all of it is the only place to get your questions and inquiries answered live. If you are wondering about build recommendations, what upgrades to consider or what is the best router to get this is the show for you.

Users looking to get their questions answered can ask in the live stream ( YouTube ) chat or email me at PCDIY@ASUS.COM. You can also post them in the comments section. The preferred methods will be our telegram channel and PCDIY email and Twitter.

Ask your questions & suggest topics

  2. Telegram PCDIY channel – https://telegram.me/PCDIY
  3. Twitter – @ASUSTECHMKTJJ
  4. YouTube chat – https://www.youtube.com/user/PCDIYasususa
  5. Comments section in PCDIY post

Places where we may pull questions & inquiries from

  1. PCDIY email
  2. Twitter
  3. Various forum communities
  4. PCDIY YouTube comments

Where can I watch the live stream? When and what time

On the ASUS PCDIY YouTube channel on 10/27/2015 ( Wednesday at 6PM )


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