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ROG SLI Bridges – CES 2015

For many ASUS graphics card enthusiasts they have long wanted a higher quality and more aesthetic pleasing SLI bridge. ROG heard this feedback in the past and produced our Black SLI bridges but the community continued to provide feedback on hopes of seeing something with ROG branding and higher quality. For many there were hoping to see something similar to the beautiful bridges produced by NVIDIA. We are excited to announce a line of ROG branded high quality SLI bridges.

These bridges will feature a back light that will illuminate the ROG eye offering up a great stylized look and feel. The bridges have been verified to work with reference cards, STRIX cards as well as ROG cards like the MATRIX or POSEIDON.

ROG Enthusiast SLI Bridge ROG Enthusiast SLI Bridge_1 ROG Enthusiast SLI Bridge_2


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