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ROG WHETSTONE Gaming Mouse Mat – CES 2015

We have announced two new additional ROG mice that we have unveiled but we are not finish when it comings to gaming accessories. If you have an awesome mouse everyone knows you need a great surface. The ROG design team has been hard at work developing an awesome surface that provides great precise traction with anti slip design and overall outstanding stability.

Here at CES 2015 we are unveiling the new ROG WHETSTONE. It is  high performance and high quality mouse surface composed of silicone until other products which are generally made of rubber. Silicon offers superior anti slip characteristic and is not porous which helps to reduce and or eliminate odor settling as well as staining of the mouse mat. Additionally just like in the kitchen for those that have use silicon mates it is great at not caring about spilled liquids. Beyond its composition the ROG team carefully consider  height and travel distance with the imprinted textured finish to help ensure precise, accurate and and consistent tracking was achieved with both optical and laser based sensors. Looking towards the long term the surrounding trim and corners have all been heat treated to ensure superior bonding and anti fray design. This is mouse pad that will withstand its share of abuse and maintain it’s look, feel and performance. Expected availability will be sometime in mid to late Q1.



ROG_Wheststone_Gaming_Mousepad ROG_Wheststone_Gaming_Mousepad_1 ROG_Wheststone_Gaming_Mousepad_2


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