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The ROG Swift PG27UQ gaming monitor pushes 4K to 144Hz with quantum dots and HDR

4K monitors have typically been limited to a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz, forcing a choice between razor sharp visuals and silky smooth gameplay. But not anymore—our new ROG Swift PG27UQ gaming monitor brings the best of both worlds by pushing its Ultra HD resolution up to a blistering 144Hz. On top of that, it taps quantum dots and HDR to produce brighter colors and deeper blacks that make games and other content look more vibrant and lifelike.

Rather than relying on a single headlining feature, the PG27UQ creates the perfect picture with a combination of important elements. That said, the 4K buzzword is probably the most familiar. It describes an Ultra HD 3840×2160 resolution that puts over eight million pixels in front of your eyeballs. Stretching that resolution across the 27” panel yields a 163-PPI pixel density capable of displaying richly detailed images and impeccably crisp text.

While the high resolution benefits everything from casual surfing to serious photo editing, the high refresh rate is all about gaming. At 144Hz, the display updates 2.4X faster than typical 60Hz panels, shrinking the time between new frames from 16.7 milliseconds to just 6.9 ms. In-game animation and movement looks much more fluid as a result, especially in fast-paced titles like first-person shooters. Cutting the delay between frames also lowers input lag, which makes games feel more immediate and responsive—and gives players a competitive advantage.

Monstrous graphics horsepower is required to maintain 144 FPS at 4K with all the eye candy turned up in the latest games. But dipping below the maximum refresh rate isn’t a problem thanks to NVIDIA’s G-Sync technology, which smooths out performance fluctuations by matching the display’s refresh rate with the GPU’s frame rate. Synchronizing these components reduces stuttering while also eliminating visual tears that can distract from the sense of immersion.

The PG27UQ uses a new version of G-Sync tuned for HDR. High dynamic range refers to the screen’s ability to produce a broader range of brightness, color, and contrast than typical displays. More specifically, this is the first gaming monitor with official DisplayHDR 1000 certification and UltraHD Premium certification. The screen pumps out up to 1000 cd/m² of luminance—around 3X the brightness of typical gaming monitors. That would be a bit overpowering spread over the entire screen, but the backlight is divided into 384 distinct zones. Selectively dimming zones maximizes contrast, allowing the monitor to mix piercing whites with bottomless blacks.

Quantum dots also deserve some of the credit for the ROG Swift PG27UQ’s high dynamic range. These luminescent nanoparticles help the screen produce a much wider range of colors than typical PC monitors, resulting in richer shades with smoother gradients. Thanks to their influence, the PG27UQ covers a staggering 97% of the DCI-P3 color space commonly used by cinema projectors. The wider gamut is literally more cinematic than the sRGB standard for PCs, and more importantly, its palette has 25% more colors. We make sure those colors are accurate by calibrating the panel at the factory to guarantee an average △E color accuracy < 3.

We didn’t put so much effort into displaying vivid colors only to have them wash out from off-center angles. The PG27UQ uses IPS technology to keep colors true over wide viewing angles. This is the kind of monitor people tend to gather around in awe, so we ensure that everyone has a good view.

Connecting multiple machines is easy thanks to dual DisplayPort 1.4 inputs and one HDMI. You can also adjust the monitor’s height, tilt, swivel, and pivot with the fully adjustable stand. This thing even has integrated Aura RGB lighting on the back, plus a customizable light signature that shines on your desk and an ROG logo that projects onto the wall behind the display

ModelROG Swift PG27UQ
Panel27" IPS direct-type LED
4K resolution (3840x2160) at 163 PPI
Backlight384-zone with local dimming
HDRDisplayHDR 1000 certified
UltraHD Premium pending
Refresh rateG-Sync HDR up to 144Hz
Response time4 ms (GTG)
Colors1.07 billion colors
△E accuracy < 3 (average)
97% DCI-P3/99% Adobe RGB gamut coverage
Brightness300 cd/m² (typical SDR)
1000 cd/m² (typical HDR)
Contrast1000:1 (typical SDR)
50,000:1 (typical HDR)
Viewing angles178°(H) /178°(V)
Ports1 x DisplayPort 1.4
1 x HDMI 2.0
3 x USB 3.0 (1 x upstream, 2 x downstream)
1 x 3.5-mm audio
Price$2,000 USD
Pre-order (USA)Newegg
Micro Center
Velocity Micro
Best Buy
Pre-order (Canada)Canada Computers

With a high resolution, high refresh rate, and phenomenal picture, the ROG Swift PG27UQ is versatile enough for gaming, entertainment, and content creation. It’s scheduled to arrive in North America in June for $2,000 USD, and you can pre-order today from the retailers listed in the table above.


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