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The 2023 TUF Gaming A16 Advantage Edition redefines TUF Gaming style

The TUF Gaming family is all about delivering incredible gaming experiences at an affordable price. For 2023, the TUF Gaming A16 AdvantageTM Edition does just that, while redefining the family’s sense of style and offering more immersive experiences than ever before.

All AMD silicon

Built for serious gaming with subtle styling, the TUF Gaming A16 AdvantageTM Edition is a sleek gaming laptop built to demolish the competition. Powered completely by AMD, the TUF Gaming A16 features up to an AMD RyzenTM 9 7940HS CPU and an AMD RadeonTM RX 7700S Mobile GPU. As an AdvantageTM Edition machine, the A16 reaps the benefits of our collaboration with AMD to leverage both hardware and software to their full potential. The TUF Gaming A16 is fully compatible with AMD’s latest gaming-centric features like SmartShift, Smart Access MemoryTM, and SmartShift RSR. Each of these helps boost overall graphics performance, while a dedicated MUX Switch paired with AMD SmartAccess Graphics makes the most of every frame while reducing latency.

Rear angle view of the TUF Gaming A16 Advantage Edition

The TUF Gaming A16 boasts even more upgrades under the hood. 4800MHz DDR5 RAM keep games and programs feeling snappy and responsive, while up to 2TB of PCIe Gen4 storage leaves plenty of room for even the largest game libraries. USB4.0 support allows for compatibility with the latest peripherals and high-speed external storage, while a 90Wh battery and USB-C power delivery keep the TUF Gaming A16 running all day long.

Brand new 16:10 display

Front view of the TUF Gaming A16 Advantage Edition gaming laptop

Prepare to be immersed in your games like never before. We’ve paired all the high-powered internals of the TUF Gaming A16 AdvantageTM Edition with a 16-inch QHD 240Hz panel for the very first time. Slim bezels not only offer an extravagant 90% screen-to-body ratio, they ensure the A16 also still fits comfortably into 15-inch laptop bags. FreeSyncTM Premium offers tear-free motion during gameplay during intense scenes, and 100% coverage of the DCI-P3 color space will make all your games and content look spectacular. Don’t forget to blink.

Make the sand your ally

TUF Gaming A16 Advantage Edition from a rear angle view with the lid open

The TUF Gaming family has always been inspired by the durability and reliability of military-grade equipment, and the A16 leans further into that history with the brand-new Sandstorm colorway. Inspired by the wastelands of battlefield, this custom anodized aluminum finish is the perfect camo for a military-grade laptop. Off-Black makes a confident statement without drawing attention to itself. The machine is also certified to meet MIL-STD-810H spec, guaranteeing its reliability across a range of demanding tests and proving that the TUF Gaming A16 offers the perfect blend of style and durability.

For more information on pricing and availability of the ASUS TUF Gaming A16 AdvantageTM Edition in your region, please contact your local ASUS representative. Click here to learn about all the products that we announced for CES 2023.



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