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ASUS NUC 101: Everything you need to know about these space-saving Mini PCs


  • With a diverse product portfolio including high-performance gaming and content creation options, business-first models, and IoT-ready devices, the ASUS NUC lineup serves a wide range of business requirements.
  • ASUS NUC Mini PCs give you the powerful components, connectivity, and app support that you expect from a PC, but in surprisingly compact designs that offer high performance per liter.
  • Thunderbolt 4 USB Type-C, Bluetooth, HDMI, 2.5Gb Ethernet, and high-speed USB Type-A ports on the latest ASUS NUCs, as well as dongle-free Bluetooth connectivity, make them a natural fit for any business scenario.
  • Backed by world-class service and a channel-friendly policy, ASUS NUC Mini PCs ensure a seamless and efficient experience for businesses and system integrators.
  • Known for their quality and reliability, ASUS NUCs go through extensive qualification including thermal reliability testing and continuous operating stress tests to ensure reliable 24×7 operation.
  • With their upgradable components, easy maintenance options, and compact chassis designs that use less raw materials and require less packaging, ASUS NUCs help organizations meet their sustainability goals.

For many scenarios at your enterprise, growing business, or educational institution, you need space-saving tech. The PC that runs the large digital sign in your lobby can’t be a full-sized desktop. The computers that run your point-of-sale systems can’t sprawl across the counter. The PCs in your school’s library can’t be so large that they leave no room for a monitor. For all these scenarios and more, many organizations turn to Mini PCs. ASUS NUC Mini PCs give you the performance options, connectivity, and app support that you expect from a PC, but in surprisingly compact designs.

For enterprises who need upgradable, manageable, space-saving, versatile PCs that are readily available in a wide range of configurations, there’s no better choice than ASUS NUCs. Click here to meet the latest additions to the family, and read on to learn more about everything that makes an ASUS NUC tick.

A full stack of ASUS NUC options

A large-screen TV on a wall in a living space with an ASUS NUC beneath it driving the media experience

Short for Next Unit of Computing, NUCs (rhymes with “luck”) have pint-sized chassis designs that make sense for a wide range of applications across many industries. They power computer labs at educational institutions and interactive kiosks. They drive digital signage in shops, exhibition halls, and retail stores. They’re used for industrial applications where rugged designs resistant to heat and vibration are paramount, and they’re used at home for everyday computing and online education.

A woman uses a self-service kiosk powered by an ASUS NUC at a store

Since they’re used in so many different places, you’ll find quite a list of options as you browse our NUC selection. You’ll find high-performance options with powerful cooling solutions, and budget-friendly models designed to offer everything you need and nothing that you don’t. Extensive customization options on many of our models ensure that you get exactly what your organization needs.

Cutting-edge tech for high-performance applications

You might be surprised to learn just how much performance we can offer in an ultra-compact ASUS NUC. Roughly 100 to 140 mm on a side, these systems are small enough to hold comfortably in one hand. Yet we configure these systems with a broad range of CPUs ranging all the way from efficient and cost-effective Intel Celeron chips to high-performance 35W Intel Core CPUs.

An ASUS NUC 14 Pro in an office setting connected to business display showing net worth data

Browse the rest of a NUC’s spec sheet, and you’ll find a similarly high-end set of options. We configure these systems with up to the latest DDR5 RAM for plentiful bandwidth and effortless multitasking. The latest PCIe 4.0 SSDs provide lightning-quick boot and app load times — and you can configure many NUCs with a second M.2 drive or a 2.5” SSD or HDD so that you can get the storage capacity that you need. Onboard wireless options, including high-performance WiFi 6E and the latest Bluetooth standard, keep your systems connected.

A developer working on a movie project using an ROG NUC for GPU-accelerated performance

Specialized models like the ROG NUC put premium performance at your fingertips for scenarios that extend far beyond gaming. Despite its small size, the ROG NUC boasts up to an Intel Core Ultra 9 CPU and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Laptop GPU. The ROG NUC doesn’t take a back seat with storage or memory, either. With three PCIe 4.0 M.2 slots, you’ll be able to build a spacious and speedy storage library. It supports up to 64GB of DDR5-5600 RAM in its two SO-DIMM slots. With that much power available in such a small device, the ROG NUC stands tall in content creation and AI workloads – this might be the compact all-around PC that you’ve been waiting for.

ASUS NUCs are ready to make a connection

Today’s full-sized desktop PCs can offer a stunning selection of connectivity options with their plentiful USB ports, display outputs, and networking options. The same is true of ASUS NUCs. We make full use of the space available to give you a wide selection of ports — and we let you customize your configuration to ensure that you have all the ports that you need.

A young man doing video editing at a three-monitor creative workstation powered by an ASUS NUC

USB options up to the latest Thunderbolt™ ports offer the versatility you need for a space-saving PC. We can configure these powers for USB Power Delivery, both input and output. This means that your NUC can receive power from a compatible monitor for easy cable management, or it can recharge a connected device like a smartphone. That same port can drive a display, serve as a USB hub for multiple peripherals, or offer high-speed data transfers from external devices.

Depending on the usage context, you might need your system to connect to specialized hardware. We’re ready to configure your ASUS NUCs with the ports that you need. HDMI and DisplayPort connectors stand ready, whether you need to plug in one display or several. Need a system for powering legacy devices, like barcode scanners or receipt printers? We can configure your system with the required COM, VGA, or LAN ports.

Wide customization options for your ASUS NUC

For many applications, you’ll be well-served by the out-of-the-box feature set of our NUCs. In others, you might prefer one of our NUC kits. These kits make it cost-effective to get the exact system that you need for a specific scenario.

With the NUC 14 Pro Kit, for example, you’ll get a durable tool-free chassis that’s ready for easy integration, your choice from a wide range of Intel Core CPUs, and a feature-rich, reliable motherboard with plentiful I/O capabilities. Then, you get to pick the RAM and storage that offers your ideal blend of capacity, speed, and price. With our barebones kit providing a trustworthy, high-quality foundation, this as the foundation, you can build a compact PC that meets your exact specifications.

Robust designs ready to go the distance

To give your organization peace of mind that your ASUS NUCs will offer a long lifespan of reliable use, we go above and beyond to test the durability of our designs. Tested to the rigorous requirements of the latest MIL-STD-810H standards, these PCs deliver military-grade durability, and not just for short bursts of time. ASUS NUC Mini PCs undergo extensive qualification to ensure that they’re ready for 24×7 operation.

During testing, we subject these systems to extremes of temperature, altitude, and humidity. They can endure freezing temperatures and sweltering heat without missing a beat. Even the most conscientious employees occasionally jostle or even drop their equipment, so we put ASUS NUCs through a rigorous series of shock and vibration tests.

Robust security and management tools for enterprise

The security of your organization’s data and devices is paramount. ASUS NUCs offer multiple layers of security tools to protect your investment, starting with the physical devices themselves. Kensington lock slots deter theft, and available padlock rings prevent unauthorized disassembly of the device. Industry-standard TPM secures the hardware, USB management tools allow you to lock down specific USB ports, and an available authority management system lets you establish administrator and user passwords.

An IT specialist using ASUS Control Center Express software for real-time monitoring and management

Easy management options give your IT staff easy tools to monitor and control your NUCs. ASUS Control Center Express, our real-time IT monitoring and management software, enhances enterprise productivity with hardware and software monitoring, remote management, and asset management. For easy deployment and configuration, ASUS Mini PCs offer support for Microsoft Auto Pilot.

Sometimes, a system problem only requires a simple reset. The ASUS Watchdog Timer can take care of that automatically. This embedded timing device can automatically initiate corrective action when it detects a system malfunction, resetting the affected system without requiring the physical presence of IT staff.

Built and certified for sustainability

At ASUS, we have demonstrated our commitment to sustainability through years of revolutionizing our corporate practices and culture to ensure that we pass on a healthier planet to upcoming generations. That commitment extends to our NUC lineup.

Two workers sort recycling at a station

NUC Mini PCs provide an eco-friendly foundation for your business. As more compact devices than traditional desktop PCs, Mini PCs already offer environmental advantages: they require less raw material to make, and they can be shipped using less packaging. Tool-free maintenance makes it easy for your IT staff to maintain and repair NUCs for a long product lifespan. And since so many components of an ASUS NUC are upgradable, you can keep your NUCs in action with targeted upgrades down the road. That level of reusability is good for the planet – and good for your bottom line, too.

World-class service and configuration options

The cutting-edge performance, innovative feature set, and proven durability of ASUS NUCs make them an ideal choice for your enterprise. Yet those are not the only factors that establish ASUS as your first choice.

A woman edits a video using a workstation powered by the ASUS NUC 14 Pro

First, the strength of our supply chain and our access to the latest technologies enable us to quickly deliver solutions to the market. This capability forms the backbone of the ASUS Corporate Stable Model (CSM) program, which supports organizations with a stable supply, timely EOL notices, and vital commercial features. Our extensive relationships with channel partners help ensure local availability of products in a diverse array of configurations. For many NUCs, we’re able to guarantee three-year availability and a three-year warranty.

Second, our history as the world’s number one motherboard supplier demonstrates our industry-first commitment to quality assurance. Our rigorous design and development processes ensure world-leading compatibility and reliability.

Third, we offer extensive customization services for our product lineup. For NUC systems targeted for commercial applications, in particular, product customization or system-level configuration is often required, and we’ve built our processes to be efficient and hassle-free for our partners.

Finally, our local business presence ensures that you can always find someone to answer your questions. We have local technical support, business development, product, and FAE teams ready to work with commercial partners on project development. With longevity, extended warranty, and global service centers, you can also trust us to promptly answer questions and respond to product concerns.

Meet the latest ASUS NUCs

For any business scenario where space is at a premium, ASUS NUC Mini PCs are the answer. Available in a wide range of configurations, these compact and versatile PCs ensure that you have the right connectivity and level of performance for any application. Click here to meet the latest additions to the ASUS NUC family.


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