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ASUS solutions for education increase student engagement with a new class of features and durability

By Paul Cockeram

Classroom instruction has changed rapidly in recent years. More and more institutions are offering remote learning options along with traditional classroom instruction, leading students to demand ever-greater flexibility. When the time comes to shift from in-person to video-based instruction, technology plays a crucial role in the educational process. Many schools are embracing the role of tech in learning by establishing STEM labs for their science, technology, engineering, and mathematics students. Other schools are helping their student creators get an edge up by outfitting them with high-powered hardware to make and edit video, sound, and other digital media.

But when it comes to making students feel connected to their school’s campus, nothing beats esports. These new athletics programs are giving traditionally marginalized students all the benefits of an athletics program while equipping schools with tech that can run the most sophisticated, graphics-intensive programs out there. In fact, more and more high schools, colleges, and universities are incorporating esports into their STEM studies and extracurriculars by offering competitive leagues and varsity-level programs. Even the doubters are beginning to understand how esports leagues augment the educational process in several important ways.

Esports inspire students and enliven schools

First, esports programs help students develop critical thinking skills through strategic cooperation during gameplay. And the need for constant, ongoing communication during fast-paced games like Fortnite and League of Legends gives students plenty of practice with social skills like verbal articulation and cooperation — skills that can’t always be taught in classrooms or read from a book. Some students have even reported discovering leadership potential inside themselves that they didn’t know they had.

Esports also help schools reach populations of students that have been otherwise neglected. Coach Amy Whitlock of Oswego East High School explains how esports are “touching a population of kid that has been underserved up until now,” including those who might be shy or withdrawn due to their identity or social status. Coach Whitlock says that Oswego East’s esports program keeps her students coming to school and engaged with their studies.

It’s no wonder what keeps these students’ attention. Esports games confront players with graphically immersive, intensely active scenarios requiring constant alertness. Players learn to focus while honing their reflexes. It takes dedicated work to develop the muscle memory that lets them switch their gaming mouse’s accuracy on the fly to fine-tune a sniper shot one second, then turn and roll out of harm’s the way next.

Continuous contact with the rest of the team is maintained via headsets with microphones, so players develop sophisticated communication skills. The camaraderie and teamwork developed during gameplay often create a close bond between the players and the school they are representing at tournaments.

Good gaming gear gives athletes a competitive edge

To give your students all the advantages of this exciting new form of athletics, ASUS has developed a lineup of tech calibrated for the specific needs of gamers. Our Republic of Gamers (ROG) series of desktops, laptops, displays, and peripherals offer high-end gaming performance and a distinct aesthetic that stays consistent between products. Esports teams love the look and feel of ROG products, as if all the gaming setups are wearing the same uniform, complete with customizable lightshows that can be synchronized to show off the team’s colors. The result is a computer lab perfectly suited to your esports program, with equipment that looks like it’s suited up and ready for competition.

The esports lab at Mira Mesa high school

Our 2024 lineup of ROG gaming laptops, desktops, displays, and peripherals includes a wide array of options, each engineered to meet the unique needs of an esports team in an educational institution. Schools everywhere appreciate tech that maximizes value and minimizes the cost of maintenance, so we took extra steps to make the lineup durable. We subject most ROG products to military-grade testing that meets the MIL-STD 810H durability standards in several test procedures. And your school’s busy IT department will appreciate how easy it is to repair and upgrade ROG equipment thanks to built-in features that make opening the cases and upgrading or replacing the parts effortless.

Gaming desktops give a strong foundation to your esports lab

A good esports lab starts with a high-quality gaming computer, but setting up a new lab in buildings with limited space can be a challenge. The ROG G22CH is a compact desktop that makes a big impact. Measuring just 4.53” wide by 11.3” tall, this sleek and minimalistic PC fits seamlessly into any setup, but student athletes won’t have to sacrifice power thanks to the ROG G22CH’s powerful hardware. It features up to an Intel Core i9-14900KF CPU and up to an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 GPU. The case’s easy-access design reveals the PC’s internals with a quick slide of the side panel for repairs and upgrades.


Another space-saving, game-changing option for any high-performance esports lab is the ROG NUC. This compact PC can be arranged either horizontally or vertically. And your team won’t lose a step thanks to the superior performance delivered by the Intel Core Ultra 9/7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070/4060-series processors, whose graphics will immerse players into the game for maximum performance in tournament play.

Setting up your lab is a breeze thanks to the ROG NUC’s variety of fast connections, including 2.5Gb Ethernet, Intel Killer Wi-Fi 6E, and Bluetooth 5.3. The addressable backlit ROG panel will help the team build unity and morale through customizable lighting experiences and the option to DIY their own team logo. In the off season, this versatile gaming PC also has the flexibility to meet other educational needs, letting students chat, browse, stream, edit, and record without skipping a beat.

For even greater performance and flexibility, the ROG Strix G16CH provides students with the perfect blend of form and function. Featuring up to a 14th Gen Intel Core Processor and up to an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 GPU, it provides next-generation power for high performance gameplay. A built-in headset-holder is hidden inside the chassis, letting athletes easily store their gaming headsets between scrimmages or matches. A conveniently placed handle allows for easy movement to their next LAN tournament or competition.

One advantage of a well-equipped esports lab is how easily it can double as a high-performance space for student creators. For instance, the ROG Strix G16CH gaming PC also satisfies the demands of the most precocious student creators. Supporting up to 128GB of DDR4 RAM, this PC will keep all their programs running at once without a hiccup, whether they are editing video and sound or working on layout and design. Whenever the lab gets busy with multiple gamers or creators pushing their desktops to the limit, you won’t have to worry about overheating. ASUS engineered both the G22CH and the G16CH series of ROG desktops for optimized thermal performance to deliver cool, quiet operation during even the most intense gaming or creation sessions.

Gaming laptops keep the team nimble

If your esports lab does double duty as a workshop for student creators, consider equipping it with ROG Zephyrus G16, a premium and versatile gaming laptop. These award-winning laptops help all students prepare for the technology of tomorrow by giving them access to the latest AI tools of today. The Zephyrus G16 comes pre-packaged with NVIDIA Studio, a suite of exclusive AI-assisted tools designed to help creators shorten the time from conceiving a project to completing it. Students who practice using AI tools like these will have an enviable edge in workplaces that are integrating AI into their everyday workflows.

A content creation setup featuring the ROG Zephyrus G16

Of course, esports athletes will also appreciate running the latest and greatest games on their Zephyrus G16. They’ll immerse themselves fully into the game’s world thanks to the crystal-clear graphics provided by ROG’s first 2.5K OLED Nebula Display with NVIDIA G-SYNC support. During tournaments, they will also enjoy showing off the stylish slash lighting that gives this laptop’s face a distinctive new look. You’ll appreciate the durability of the laptop’s premium aluminum chassis and ultra-slim, lightweight profile.

ROG Strix G16 gaming laptop in a gaming room

For a system that’s laser-focused on serious gaming performance, power up your team’s play with the ROG Strix G16. Built from the ground up to run Windows 11 Pro for optimized performance, the ROG Strix G16 draws more frames and wins more games by unlocking the full potential of its hardware. With up to a 14th Gen Intel Core i9 processor, this laptop makes AAA gaming flawless. The NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPU boasts a maximum TGP of 175W with Dynamic Boost, backed up with a dedicated MUX Switch that improves performance by 5 – 10 % without the need to touch a single button.

For student creators or developers, the ROG Strix G16 has the horsepower necessary to run the latest game engines or fuel the projects of digital artists, streamers, video editors, and animators. To maintain system stability through challenging projects, the Strix G16 is equipped with ROG Intelligent Cooling. Where most gaming laptops have two cooling fans, the Strix G16 adds a third to keep the GPU and VRAM cool. This system keeps the processing units’ temperatures lower by up to 15 degrees Celsius.

Gaming monitors make smooth competition

For athletes to stay immersed in the action, equip them with high-performance gaming monitors. The ROG Swift Pro PG248QP is a good choice to take your team to a championship title. This 24.1 inch display is the world’s fastest esports gaming monitor, boasting a tournament-grade 540Hz refresh rate and a built-in NVIDIA G-SYNC processor that offer incredibly smooth gameplay and unmatched realism. To keep a crowded lab orderly, the ergonomic stand features retractable claws that free up desk space and optimize the gaming setup.

The ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM gaming monitor

If you want to give your team the unmatched color accuracy and clarity of OLED technology, you can opt for the ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM. This award-winning 27-inch gaming monitor is also G-SYNC compatible to provide seamless, tear-free gaming. Its optional uniform brightness will ensure consistent luminance levels while your team enjoys gorgeous, accurate colors and the darkest black hues thanks to the display’s astonishing HDR performance. Players will particularly love how the ROG Swift OLED keeps their gameplay accurate with an ultrafast 0.03ms response time. And throughout marathon practice sessions or long tournaments, the intelligent voltage optimization will maintain better heat management while reducing the risk of burn-in.

ROG gaming peripherals provide a competitive edge

To put the finishing touches on your esports lab, we recommend giving some attention to the peripherals. After all, the keyboard and mouse are the contact points through which your athletes enter the field. This equipment must be rugged enough to endure innumerable clicks and taps, yet light and responsive enough to keep the gameplay nimble.

The ROG Keris II Ace in a complete portable esports setup

Hours of practice go into mastering the clicking and tracking that lead to a game-winning shot, so a good gaming mouse minimizes fatigue. The ROG Keris II Ace weighs just 54 grams, and its shell design was tested and approved by FPS esports professionals. To keep your league clicking and tracking for the duration, our ROG Optical Micro Switches are rated for a 100-million-click lifespan.

Pair the Keris II Ace with an ROG Falchion RX Low Profile gaming keyboard, and you will give your esports lab high performance gear with a manageable footprint. The compact and slim design of the ROG Falchion masterfully incorporates arrow and navigation keys, while the pre-lubed RX Red and Blue switches provide consistent wobble-free keystrokes and near-zero debounce delay. Finally, to help your team claim a coveted tournament title, keep them in constant contact via ROG Delta S Core gaming headsets. The exclusive 50mm ASUS Essence drivers and airtight chamber technology of these headsets provide immersive sound, while the lightweight 270-gram design with ergonomic D-shaped ear cushions keep combatants comfortable for the duration.

Laptops for classrooms, STEM labs and creator spaces

In some schools, education is less about competition and more about creativity. While ROG gaming gear is perfectly suited for any STEM lab, including the most graphics-heavy applications, we offer additional options that may be more familiar, like ChromeOS devices. Schools everywhere love the value, built-in security, and easy functionality of Chromebooks, and IT staff love the zero-touch enrollment feature that allows them to drop ship ChromeOS devices that will automatically enroll into enterprise administration as soon as the end user connects to the internet.

A student and teacher collaboration with an ASUS laptop for education

The ASUS Chromebook Plus CX34 is a next-generation option that delivers surprising durability and power in a wide range of scenarios. This laptop is ready for a long lifespan of classroom use thanks to engineering that meets industry-leading durability standards which are more rigorous and demanding than ever. The full-size backlit keyboard also keeps teachers and students healthy thanks to its antimicrobial coating. And the ASUS Chromebook Plus CX34 makes classroom discussions and collaboration effortless thanks to its sleek and lightweight design, coupled with durable hinges that bend a complete 180 degrees to let it lie flat.

The ASUS Chromebook CM30 Detachable laptop for education

For even greater flexibility, you can opt for the detachable design of the ASUS Chromebook CM30 Detachable, which transforms seamlessly between laptop and tablet. The CM30 includes a two-way, push-pop stylus to let students quickly capture their thoughts and easily take notes. An optional ruggedized shield case makes sure it’s ready to go the distance.

A group of students in a library collaborating on a project

Of course, there are plenty of reasons why your staff might request Windows devices, instead. Microsoft’s operating system is the platform of choice for a wide array of applications. The ExpertBook B3 Flip is an excellent choice for an educational Windows laptop. Whether classes meet on site or remotely, this laptop facilitates the educational experience. Its ultralight case provides exceptional portability while meeting military-grade durability standards. For remote learning and video meetings, the AI camera enhances the feed with automatic exposure adjustment and tracking, while AI noise-canceling technology minimizes distractions. Its dual camera array with a high-resolution world-facing camera ensures that it’s just as easy to snap a picture of homework as it is to hop on a Teams call, even when you’re working in tablet or tent mode.

Classroom-ready desktop PCs

The portability of laptops makes them an ideal choice for several scenarios, but they’re not the only option. There are many reasons why your institution might be looking at desktop PCs instead — maybe you’re building or upgrading a dedicated lab, or perhaps your priorities lean toward upgradability, extensive connectivity options, and easy repair and replacement of parts.

A content creation setup featuring the ASUS NUC 14 Pro mini PC

You can have all that plus best-in-class performance inside a very small package with the ASUS NUC 14 Pro. This petite PC demands very little desktop space while delivering exceptional security and stability with Intel vPro Enterprise. Its all-new Intel Core Ultra processor family is ready to handle your STEM lab’s most demanding workloads, letting students experiment with the very latest learning options. The NUC 14 Pro makes the most of its processor with three AI engines that maintain high throughput, low power consumption, and fast response rates.

You’ll also get no complaints from the IT department. They can take advantage of the Wi-Fi Sensing and dongle-free Bluetooth connectivity for easy setup. And when the time comes to replace or upgrade components, the NUC 14 Pro’s toolless chassis access will make the work easier, safer, and faster.

The ProArt Station PD5 desktop being used for image editing

If space is no problem in your lab or classroom, the ProArt Station PD5 desktop computer gives your learners the power to handle all the most demanding applications, including video editing and 3D modelling, rendering, and animation. This is the perfect computer to command a 3D printing station. And with its 13th Generation Intel Core i9 CPU and NVIDIA RTX A4000 graphics, your lab or print station will deliver cutting-edge performance for the foreseeable future.

To complete your STEM lab, printing station, or creator space, give your students access to stunning visuals that will bring their projects to life. The ASUS ProArt Display PA328CGV provides everyone in the room with a clear view of the action thanks to its wide 178° viewing angles. This 32-inch QHD display also meets all the needs of creative professionals from photo and video editors to graphic designers, enabling your students to discover a potential career path and get a head start toward success.

Learn more about ASUS education solutions at ISTE 2024

At ASUS, we develop technology to empower today’s classrooms, students, staff, and administrators. Our mission is to create innovative tools and solutions that meet the needs of modern classrooms and learners.

You can learn more about ASUS products for education at the annual ISTE Conference and Expo. Recognized all around the world as the planet’s most comprehensive educational technology conference, ISTE brings together educators and education leaders to engage in hands-on learning, exchange ideas, and network with like-minded thinkers who seek to transform learning and teaching.

A banner for ASUS at ISTE 2024 that says "Upgrading Education to Incredible at ISTE '24: Visit us at ISTELive24 | June 23-26 | Denver | ASUS Booth #1900

Between June 23rd and June 26th, join us in person at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado in booth #1900 to see our products in action. There, you will get hands-on experience with our latest products for education and esports, participate in our ASUS Education activities at the booth for opportunities to win daily prizes and classroom essentials, and meet our education experts and sales representatives in person. We will also host live sessions with industry thought leaders. Alternatively, you can register for an ISTELive 24 Virtual Pass to get access to digital resources including live-streamed sessions, expo hall demos, and recorded sessions. Register here to receive more information about the event and our ASUS education solutions.


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