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Witness the full stack of ASUS AI supercomputing solutions at NVIDIA GTC 2024

Generative AI had a breakout moment in 2023, but we are still in the early days for this transformative technology. To handle the increasing demand for hardware capable of meeting modeling, inferencing, fine-tuning, and deployment, we offer a full stack of optimized AI server solutions ready to boost AI adoption across a wide range of industries. For NVIDIA GTX 2024, we are prepared to showcase the apex of our GPU server innovation. Built for the advanced MGX architecture, our solutions will accelerate AI supercomputing to new heights.

To better support enterprises in establishing their own generative AI environments, we offer an extensive lineup of servers: everything from entry-level to high-end GPU server solutions, and liquid-cooled rack solutions ready to meet a variety of workloads. Looking forward, the ASUS team is leveraging our expertise in MLPerf to optimize hardware and software for LLM training and inferencing, and seamlessly integrate total AI solutions to meet the challenging landscape of AI supercomputing.

Tailored AI solutions with ASUS NVIDIA MGX™ servers

ASUS NVIDIA MGX™ servers boast the latest NVIDIA Grace Hopper™ Superchip and NVIDIA Grace™ CPU Superchip to offer compelling performance. The NVIDIA® Grace CPU Superchip stands out as a technological marvel, powered by NVIDIA NVLink-C2C technology and boasting 144 Arm Neoverse V9 CPU cores with Scalable Vector Extensions (SVE2). Engineered with an innovative modular architecture, ASUS NVIDIA MGX™ servers offer unparalleled flexibility and scalability to accommodate various server configurations, significantly enhancing AI-driven data centers, HPC, and Omniverse applications with game-changing performance and memory capabilities.

Advanced liquid cooling technology

The surge in AI applications has heightened the demand for advanced server-cooling technology. ASUS direct-to-chip (D2C) cooling offers a quick, simple option that stands out from the competition as it can be rapidly deployed and it is a proven tactic for lowering power-usage effectiveness (PUE).

Cooling hardware for a server stack

ASUS servers support manifolds and cool plates, enabling diverse cooling solutions. Additionally, ASUS servers accommodate a rear-door heat exchanger compliant with standard rack-server designs, eliminating the need to replace all racks — only the rear door is required. By closely collaborating with industry-leading cooling solution providers such as Submer, Delta, MGC, and Kaori, ASUS provides enterprise-grade comprehensive cooling solutions that enable green data centers by minimizing data-center PUE, carbon emissions, and energy consumption.

Confident AI software solutions

At GTC, we will showcase a no-code AI platform with an integrated software stack, enabling businesses to accelerate AI development on LLM pre-training, fine-tuning, and inference, reducing risks and time-to-market – all without requiring partners to start from scratch. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive solution to support different LLM tokens from 7B, 33B, even over 180B with customized software, facilitating seamless server data dispatching. By optimizing the allocation of GPU resources for fine-tune training, the software stack ensures that AI applications and workloads can run without wasting resources, which helps to maximize efficiency and ROI. Furthermore, the software-hardware synergy provides businesses with the flexibility to choose the AI capabilities that best fit their needs, allowing them to maximize their return on investment.

This innovative software approach optimizes the allocation of dedicated GPU resources for AI training and inferencing, boosting system performance. The integrated software-hardware synergy caters to diverse AI training needs, empowering businesses of all sizes, including SMBs, to leverage advanced AI capabilities with ease and efficiency.

To address the evolving requirements of enterprise IoT applications, we collaborate with industrial partners, software experts and domain-focused integrators. This collaboration aims to offer turnkey server support for complete solutions, including full installation and testing for modern data center, AI, and HPC applications.

Look for us at NVIDIA GTC 2024

Banners hanging from the ceiling of GTC 2024 with the NVIDIA logo

NVIDIA GTC is the premier developer conference for the era of AI. For the business leaders, researchers, IT decision makers, and creators who will attend the event, we’ll be sharing our latest AI solutions at booth #730. We hope that you will join us in person if you are able.


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