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The projector lens of the ZenBeam L2 portable projector

Hands-on: the ZenBeam L2 portable projector gives me endless entertainment anywhere

I’ve started to look at walls differently. When I see a relatively open surface in my house, I think: that could be a screen....
The ROG Crosshair X670E Hero motherboard with G.Skill RAM installed

Overclock memory to DDR5-8000 with ASUS AM5 motherboards and the latest firmware

When we first launched our X670E and B650E motherboard families, it was early days for DDR5 RAM. The first round of DDR5 memory kits...
Close of the top cover of the ASUS RT-BE96U wireless router

Multi-link Operation (MLO) gives WiFi 7 routers and devices an undeniable advantage over last-gen...

We’ve announced our first WiFi 7 routers and our first WiFi 7 motherboards, and we’re ready to make some big claims about what the...
An ASUS WiFi 7 router hovering against a stylized sci-fi background

Better connections for multiple users: how WiFi 7 boosts your networking with Multi-RU Puncturing

Today’s homes are filled to the brim with internet-connected devices, all competing for signal from your wireless router. Your smartphones, PCs, gaming consoles, smart...
An ASUS extendable router on a low table in a living room with couch and chairs behind

Get long-term value for your investment with an ASUS wireless router

At ASUS, we think that buying a wireless router should be easy. You should be able to browse a full selection of options, purchase...