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3D back cover giveaway starts TODAY!

3D back cover giveaway starts TODAY!

Since the launch of the ZenFone 2, many have been asking for the beautiful Illusion series back covers. For those who want that beautiful 3D, purple/teal/blue back cover that they may have seen at the ZenFone 2 launch in NYC, the ZenFone 2 Deluxe is available for purchase as it’s an exclusive to that device.

Now I know that many of you wish that gorgeous back cover was sold separately to customize your phone, but unfortunately there’s no word from our team if that’ll happen. Don’t be bummed though!

Since MyZen by ASUS (the artist formerly known as ZenHub) started, the community has been so patient and awesome to chat with, and because of that, I wanted to give a little something back to YOU guys.

Sitting at my desk are FIVE (Roman Numeral V…count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) of these LIMITED EDITION 3D back covers and I’m giving them away! NOTE: These covers are engineering samples and DO NOT include the NFC antenna so NFC will NOT work! Sorry if that’s a deal-breaker. The contest begins today (9/29) at 5PM PT and is open to residents (age 18 years or older) of the United States and Canada only. Five (5) randomly chosen winners will each win one (1) exclusive back cover and will be notified on Friday 10/2 at 5PM PT. All you have to do is enter below and you can get multiple entries by completing the tasks! 


ZenFone 2 Deluxe Back Cover Giveaway!


  1. Currently after owning a Lg Volt for an year, I decided to save up enough money to buy the Zenfone 2! Loving it completely I would love to customize it further by obtaining one of these beautiful illusion covers. It’ll mean the world to me if I am able to receive one! Thanks!!!

  2. I need this back cover because not only does it look amazing, but since I recently dropped my Zenfone 2 there’s now scuff marks on the corners, so a new back cover that not only looks amazing but is new would solve that. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. This case would go great with my diamond studded pants..

    Just kidding.

    My backplate is broken on the top (headphone jack) and it’d be great to get a functional and visual upgrade.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!

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  4. I would love to have this back cover, because it would help me show off such a great inexpensive phone to all my friends that seem to only care about the newest overpriced iPhone that still looks the same as in 2010.

    Great job at innovating Asus! You guys rock.

    • Yeah I wanted to write this series largely because message queues are so well suited to all sorts of important tasks that are inslaecingry relevant in modern web apps. Hope people new to using message queues will find it as a helpful starting off point.

    • Hi Jason, thanks for your comment. I can definitely understand why you might feel frustrated about it. I have been in touch with our team and they know the demand is high for these back covers. I’ll talk to them and see if there’s anything we can do. In the meantime, please enjoy your device. The screen is quite bright when compared to other devices, and bloatware can be uninstalled and disabled with the latest firmware update.

      • To follow up; The screen is embarrassing. At full brightness, if I hand it to anyone else(especially outside in the sunlight), they ask why it is so dim. I have never had a phone with such a dim screen. I have been able to uninstall some of the bloatware, and disable some, but much remains. I just want the current version of Android, not a old version that has bloatware where some of it can be disables/deleted.

        As far as the comment elsewhere that says the illusion cover is exclusive to the deluxe Zenfone 2; I ran back through the ASUS press release CES 2015. ASUS released a phone with illusion back cover options, yet had no mention that there was a different phone model required to get them. Bad business model there. The thing about deceiving people and providing poor software is that once we make the decision, we are stuck with the phone for a couple years to justify the purchase of a new one.

        As a owner of around 4 current ASUS products, this phone has damaged the brand name for me.