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ASUS x Creative Labs Audiophile Giveaway 

ASUS x Creative Labs Audiophile Giveaway 

The biggest audio festival of the year happens in Denver, at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. This time, ASUS and Creative Labs are teaming up and will be demoing the ZenFone 2 and how it, combined with some of Creative Labs’ solutions, can be an exciting audio pair for people with a discerning taste.

To kick off this collab, and HUGE thanks to Creative Labs, we’re giving away one (1) ZenFone 2 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage model AND one (1) Creative Labs Soundblaster E5 audio DAC! You can also check out our article on how the ZenFone 2 can be an audiophile’s dream with the Creative Labs Sound Blaster E5 audio DAC.

EDIT: Congratulations to DENNY W. on winning!

ASUS x Creative Labs Audiophile Giveaway


  1. I love Asus products! Every single one I have used so far has been flawless in my eyes, and I’d love to try out an Asus phone, especially their top of the line device! I consider myself to be an audiophile anyway, and the creative labs DAC would be a dream to own with a phone, nevermind a phone like this!

  2. I love Asus products. I have a K53E laptop that’s very reliable, and have been wanting a Zenfone 2 for quite a while. Now this combo would be a great thing for me as I have no tablet nor decent cell phone right now. If I had my choice I’d REALLY want a Zenfone 2 Deluxe Special Edition that came out in Brazil with 256gb of storage And the Zenfone Max’s 5000 mah battery. But this giveaway is so sweet I’d love to get these. Thanks so much for the chance.

  3. I listen music on big speakers with amplifier for rest of my life. Source was vinyl, when CD, when… again vinyl. We inventing mp3 and small devices what can play compressed music, but what about quality? Maybe this combo – ZenFone and E5 audio DAC – can return positive answer on my question? 🙂

  4. I’m an audiophile because I grew up in it, my dad was obsessed with music, owning thousands of CDs, spending every weekend in the used record shop, he booked and promoted for a local music hall. Now I would love to carry on his love for music, but lack the equipment to really do so.

  5. I love having upgraded sound available to my tunes. My music varies from 60/70/80’s Rock, Classic Country and new country. Also love the Classicals, so the better the sound the more I’ll enjoy it.
    I would love to have this as my new phone.

  6. Being a 100%VA disabled Vet I tend to have plenty of time. I am a spinal cord injury survivor. I had read an article recently about the Creative Labs headphone amp and the FLAC player and was blown away. The majority of my time is listening to music off my phone. Not only would a rig like this be a God send…. but it would be pretty slick too! 🙂

  7. Since loosing all the hearing in my right ear, after having a tumor removed back in March 2015, I have been constantly looking for ways to improve my listening experience. I would love an opportunity to see how well these two products could help me. I so miss being able to listen to my music and videos!!

  8. Why I’m an audiophile? Because I love music! I mean real music that deserve to be listening on quality equipment. And I’m so crazy that I will carry with myself external DAC if it will improve the quality of music) Do not doubt that the ZenFone 2 can output amazing sound (FLAC only).

  9. I wonder just how much better the Creative Labs Soundblaster E5 audio DAC can make my Monster Carbon MVP headset sound. They already sound great. Mostly, I need that Android device. I have a Windows Phone. Love the hardware, hate the marketplace.

  10. Sounds amazing. Ba-Dum-Tiss
    Speaking seriously now, I’ve taking an interest on following up that tutorial for quite some time but I wasn’t sure since I only have one Zenfone 2 available.
    That’s a great opportunity to try it out!