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Your 2015 Zen Holiday Gift Guide

Your 2015 Zen Holiday Gift Guide

As I look outside my window, brown, dry leaves drift from barren tree branches to the join their friends scattered across the pavement. The days are quickly getting colder and darker, and I can’t seem to wrap my head around how fast this year has gone by. But I love that transition from Fall to Winter – having lived in Boston for a few years, I’ve come to appreciate this time very much and look forward to the holidays, spending time with my family, and seeing smiles on their faces. And of course, gifts!

Gift-giving, though fun, can be a daunting task for a lot of people. You never want to disappoint, and you never want to overspend…that’s why we made this sweet Holiday Gift Guide for those who need some assistance. Here are five ASUS devices for people you might need to hook up this year (making you the best gift-giver EVER)!

For the person who lives a double life – ZenFone 2 Laser$249 Now $199


Know someone who carries around a couple phones because they have one for work and one for play? This is where the ZenFone 2 Laser comes in and offers them TWO SIM slots, both of which support data. How sweet is that? With a 13MP shooter on the back with laser auto-focus, pictures are going to be sharp and bright. In addition, you’ve got 3GB of RAM for smooth multitasking, and a removable, replaceable 3,000mAh battery if you’re worried about running out of juice. It’s the perfect phone that doesn’t break the bank. For more in-depth specs, check out our article!

For the person who needs a personal assistant – ZenPad 10 – $159


The ZenPad 10 is a great portable companion. Powered by an Intel® Atom™ processor and supported by thousands of productivity apps on Google Play, this tablet can not only handle daily business tasks you throw at, but also be a source of entertainment. Also, with a bigger display, navigating your tasks and entertainment is going to be an easier visual experience. Plus, you’ve got two front-facing speakers with DTS HD Premium Sound, so music and movies are going to be a pleasure to listen to. Accessories like the Z-stylus, designed to provide a natural drawing experience, will make the ZenPad an awesome tool for the creative types.

For the person who desires mobility – Zenbook UX305CA –  Starting at $699

Zenbook UX305

Maybe it’s for the college student in the family, or the professional who needs to run their business while on the go. Whatever the case, the Zenbook UX305CA is light, slim, and powerful enough to take on practically any task you give it. Weighing in at a featherweight 2.6lbs, and powered by an Intel® Core™ M processor and lightning-fast 256GB solid-state drive, this ultrabook will move with you at the speed of life. In addition, it’s built with a fanless design for super-quiet operation and has a battery life of up to 10 hours. It’s a beautifully INCREDIBLE value at just $699, and will turn heads whenever you carry it around. Check out our article on the update to the UX305!

For the person who loves style and convenience – ZenWatch 2 – Starting at $129


Just in time for the holidays, our Holiday Edition ZenWatch 2’s have arrived! Running Android Wear 5.1.1 and powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, the ZenWatch 2 is great for quickly checking notifications and getting information at a flick of a wrist. With our Holiday Editions, there are a variety of flavors: You have classic silver, gun-metal, and rose gold frames and can be paired with soft leather, rubber, or sleek metal bands. The best thing is that the bands are also replaceable, so if you prefer to customize your style, you can do that very easily. Starting at just $129, our watches offer a lot of value when compared to the competition. If you’re not sure what you can do with a smartwatch, check out our article with some reasons on how to take advantage of the convenience they provide.

Not just for entertaining the family – Zen AiO Pro – Starting at $999


The Zen AiO Pro all-in-one desktop PC is a gorgeous computer. Powered by the latest Intel processor and featuring a bright, crisp 23.8” IPS display, the Zen AiO can be the center of entertainment for the entire family. It’s powerful, fast, and just a pleasure to look at. With a 10-point multi-touch screen, it’s easy for children to interact and learn. One neat little trick on higher models is that it also has Intel’s Real Sense technology, so you can navigate the screen without touching it! But the Zen AiO Pro is not just a family-oriented PC – this thing kicks butt! It has a discrete GPU in the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M, making games run faster and look even better. For storage, it comes with a 512GB SSD that can push data up to 2250MB/s. The Zen AiO is a perfect companion for all kinds of tasks, simple to resource-intensive, and makes an awesome gift. Not sure which one to pick? Check out our guide.

Thanks for reading our Holiday Gift Guide! I think this has a great selection of products that anyone could enjoy. Regardless of the choice you make, we want to wish everyone a really amazing and safe holiday season.


  1. Hi, I have a Zen Phone.. its great….though I paid over $500 for it and now theyre like $199. Just upsetting but what can I do? I looked at the tablets on offer. BUT, none of them appear to have a micro SD memory slot for increasing memory from 16GB to add up to an additional 128GB, or even 64. Whats up with that.. Why?
    Thought it would be a strong selling point asset.
    Thanks and Happy Holidays

  2. I believe the ASUS CO. Owes me a Zen labor phone for an exchange I bought thru Tiger Direct , which I had nothing but trouble with it since the second month I received it. I sent it back to you twice and this was within the 5th month still in warranty and you gave me the run around and said it would cost 200+ dollars to fix .Called talked to someone who didn’t know jack. Then I called again demanded a manager told him all the problems, he said send it back even though it is 12 months, which still in warranty . They sent it back saying no we received a week or so after 12 month . So I tried getting Tiger Direct since I bought the extended 2 year warranty – called sent it to them – they returned said ASUS should have covered it.. Man did I get ripped.So I’m sending a $589.00 laptop back to you hoping you will do the right thing, and at least send me one of those new Lazer phones and all the things that go with it. Your still pulling the South side Shuffle for over $300.00 on me.

  3. Hola buenas compre zenfone 2 de aliexpress nuevo y nada.no.me.duro.ni.un mes se apago solo lo volvi para que lo arreglen y llevo esperando ya 3 meses.o.mas.y nada.no me.llega les hablo y me.dicen.que sigue en servicio tecnico de asus cuando tengan noticias me.lo.dicen.y asi.llevo muchos meses

    • Hola, sentimos mucho la experiencia que ha tenido con todo esto.  ¿Me podría mandar su número de RMA para que nuestro equipo pueda averiguar más sobre esto?  También me podría decir en qué país esta y a qué departamento de servicio mando su Zenfone  para poder saber con cual oficina nos tendremos que comunicar.  
      Muchas Gracias

  4. I bought an Asus notebook from Best Buy and the charger chord got chewed by a puppy and stopped working. I called Best Buy, who said I would have to order another thru amazon. I did this giving them the correct model and other numbers. This had to be ordered from factory and they directed me which charger I needed. Then I got an email that thus charger is rare and they would have to get it from another factory, which would be 20.00 more. I okayed. It finally came today and doesn’t fit. I wish I had not got this brand. I also got a glitch when I downloaded windows 10 and had to take it to best buy geek squad. Disappointed.

    • Hola amigo. Por tu respuesta tengo la impresión de que los del servicio técnico te estafaron…
      Si no sabes que es un RMA, lo más probable es que no lo hayas llevado a un servicio técnico oficial de ASUS. Un RMA es un código ÚNICO que identifica tu solicitud de reparación en un local autorizado por ASUS.
      De todas formas, serviría que respondas a TODAS las preguntas que te hizo Khang Thai, ESPECIALMENTE el nombre y ubicación precisa del local a donde lo llevaste.
      Yo solo soy un cliente al igual que tú, y espero que mi comentario sirva de algo para que puedas resolver este asunto. Suerte.
      (De menor importancia: para responder a un comentario, dale clic al texto gris que dice ‘Reply’, no crees una nueva conversación otra vez ya que tu respuesta pierde sentido.)

  5. Bought Zen10 only to find Asus offers no

    Accessories for it.Connectivity is extremely

    Limited. Had anticipated purchasing docking

    Station & keyboard. This dckstation would

    Have given me usb’s, hdmi. And much more

    Flexible connectivity. My visual impairment

    Practically dictated slight expandability.

    Now what? 2 hour bus ride back to frys?

    Asus, @ please can you help me?

        • Just tech websites…nothing official, obviously, but ASUS did put out a list of their devices that will be receiving the update and no mention of the z580ca model was made…
          The list is found on Android Headlines…

          • Yes, it was smartphone-related. I’ve still asked out HQ team about our ZenPad line, so let’s be patient and I’ll let everyone know when I get official news.

          • I hope they make a decision soon, as that’s what I’m waiting to hear before I pull the trigger on buying one. I really like the specs, but if it’s just going to be dropped as soon as I buy it I’m going to go with a company that will support its products after purchase. Especially their top of the line tablet.

  6. Hello! I was wondering if there are any news about the VivoStick… It was teased in September (I think) and the dedicated website is still showing ‘COMING SOON’ since then.
    Also, I found some unofficial websites having this device on sale! One even said that it had 10 pieces in stock!! Very suspicious though…

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  7. I bought ZenfonE 2 ASUS ZOO AD ( ZE551ML)
    PURCHASED ON 6/12/15


  8. I purchased a ASUS laptop over a year ago through AMAZON.COM. I have really loved and enjoyed my product. Great Brand. I have recommended it to my sister and she has bought one as well. She loves it too. I also purchased a two year warranty for my product. At the time of purchase I thought what a great idea to offer a warranty that covered spills and drops. Well my eleven year old has dropped it one too many times and I am needing to use my warranty. I did not receive any paperwork regarding my warranty, I contacted Amazon and am receiving a run around. So my question is who was this warranty through and did I waste $60.00 dollars because I failed to read the fine print. I am tired of calling one department then another because nobody is able to tell me how to resolve the issue. Please assist.