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Affordable, sustainable ASUS VU displays bring modern features to everyone

In 2023, we’ve committed to accelerating our efforts to create a sustainable future. For years now, we’ve been revolutionizing our corporate practices and culture. We’re holding ourselves to a high standard for transparency. We’re pursuing renewable energy sources and reducing our environmental impact at our headquarters and manufacturing plants worldwide. We believe that you, too, care about the impact of your choices on future generations. That’s why we’re offering you new tech that features our latest sustainability efforts while also meeting your needs for versatile, fully featured devices. Introducing our new ASUS VU display lineup.

Everything you need in a fun design

Some folks need highly specialized displays fine-tuned for a specific task. Filmmakers have very specific requirements for a reference monitor on a professional video production set, for example. Avid gamers have ample reason to pursue a display specialized for their favorite genre. The rest of us, though, are on the lookout for an affordable display that handles our everyday computing tasks without fuss.

All four color options of the ASUS VU series in a row on a white background

ASUS VU displays give you more than you might expect from affordable, everyday monitors. These Full HD displays are available in 23.8-inch or 27-inch options, making them a great fit for just about any desk whether you’re connecting them to a laptop or a desktop. We equip them with an IPS panel so that they’ll give you a clear, colorful image even if you’re viewing from an off angle. These displays even offer a 100Hz refresh rate. This will make sure that content will scroll more smoothly when you’re browsing a website, and you’ll have a better experience if you load up a casual game.

Thoughtful design elements ensure that your VU monitor will fit comfortably in your PC setup. The stand’s long, thin legs hold the displays securely without demanding too much desktop space. For viewing comfort, you can set the monitor at three different heights (71mm, 96mm, and 121mm). A cable management clip on the back of the stand helps you keep the power and display cables out of sight for a clean setup. For easy connectivity with a wide range of devices, VU monitors offer an HDMI port, and they also include a USB Type-C port wired not only to accept display signals through DP Alt Mode, but they also offer 15W USB Power Delivery so that you can recharge a connected device.

VU displays are practical, but they’re fun, too. Take your pick between four color options, each with their own personality: Quiet Blue, Green Grey, Astro Beige, and Pink Clay. With this array of colorful displays, you’re sure to find an option that coordinates with the aesthetic of your full PC setup.

A sustainable choice for your next desktop monitor

To design the VU monitors with a reduced environmental footprint, we considered their entire lifecycle from manufacturing to shipping to everyday use. These displays are manufactured with 85% post-consumer-recycled (PCR) plastic and halogen-free PCBs. We ship them in packaging made of 100% recycled paper — and we source a significant portion of that paper from sustainably managed forests, as certified by FSC.

Front and back view of the ASUS VU Series monitor in Quiet Blue

For these monitors, we prioritized reduced energy consumption. We’re targeting the requirements of an Energy Star 8.0 rating for efficient operation. A built-in light sensor can automatically adjust brightness levels based on ambient light to keep energy consumption low while keeping your screen clear and readable. There’s also an Energy Saving mode in the on-screen display (OSD) that limits the peak brightness of the display, giving you an easy way to reduce your energy costs whenever the extra brightness isn’t necessary.

An important certification that you’ll see on many of our products in 2023 comes from the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT). This is the leading global Type-1 ecolabel covering products and services from the technology sector. Any product with an EPEAT verification has been assessed for its material selection, product longevity, packaging, and end-of-life management, among many other factors. We’re planning for ASUS VU displays to bear an EPEAT Silver certification, indicating that they not only meet all 25 baseline criteria laid out by the Global Electronics Council, but they also go above and beyond by meeting additional criteria for environmental stewardship.

We also plan for VU monitors to even meet the requirements for a latest-generation TCO Certified label. This comprehensive ecolabel considers socially responsible manufacturing practices, supply chain transparency, responsible use of hazardous substances, data-driven decision making and sustainability reporting, circular IT management, and product lifespan — all important factors for driving the tech industry forward toward truly sustainable tech.

Fun, sustainable ASUS VU displays are ready to do more

A desktop display might play many roles. For some, it’s their primary window into everything they do with their PC. Others connect it to a laptop when they need to boost their multitasking power. On some days, you might use your monitor for everyday activities like web browsing or photo editing. Other times, you might chat with friends while you squad up for an online game.

Front and side view of an ASUS VU monitor in Astro Beige

ASUS VU displays meet your needs for these scenarios and many more. They offer all the features and connectivity you need for a great everyday experience, and with their stylish color options and built-in cable management, they’ll help you establish a clean, tidy PC setup. And not only are they affordable options for your next monitor, they also meet your desire for sustainable tech, too.

For more information on the pricing and availability of ASUS VU displays in your region, please contact your local ASUS representative.


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