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The ProArt PA602 chassis gives creators exceptional cooling and versatility

Today’s architects, engineers, content creators, and product designers are increasingly turning to custom-built desktop PCs for their primary workspaces. When you’re building a cutting-edge PC ready for demanding workloads, a desktop PC’s potential for raw performance, exceptional cooling, massive storage, and wide connectivity options just can’t be ignored. To meet the specialized needs of creators, we’re excited to announce the all-new ProArt PA602 chassis.

This premier PC case offers exceptional cooling right out of the box, and its support for up to 420mm AIO liquid coolers gives you powerful options for taming the heat produced by even the mightiest processors on the market today. The ProArt PA602 streamlines your PC building experience with a full suite of innovative features, and it’s primed for convenient everyday use with automatic dust detection, an integrated PWM control on the front panel, and a rich selection of easily accessible USB ports. And it’s all wrapped up in a sophisticated, minimalist style that will never feel out of place.

An innovative cooling design

When you’re deep in your creative flow, you don’t want to be thrown off by distracting fan noise. And when your PC is working through a lengthy export, you don’t want the process to be slowed down by excessive heat. The ProArt PA602 chassis gives you the best of both worlds — all-out cooling when you need it, and unobtrusive operation when you don’t.

A side view of the ProArt PA602 chassis showing the large front intake fans

The PA602’s cooling prowess starts up front with an open-grille front panel with wide 15.5mm venting slots. Overall, it offers 45% porosity to ensure an unimpeded flow of cooling air into the chassis. You’ll find two pre-installed 200mm ProArt fans behind this grille. Since these fans are much larger than standard 120mm or 140mm case fans, they can move a greater volume of air at similar noise levels, giving you an incredible balance of performance and acoustics. These sturdy, large-bladed spinners are 38mm thick, and have a wide 300-1000 RPM range with PWM control so that they can deliver remarkably high airflow while remaining impressively quiet. When you need them to move copious amounts of air, they’ll deliver. They’re rated for airflow up to 190.2 CFM, nearly double what typical 200mm system fans offer. A pre-installed 140mm fan at the rear of the ProArt PA602 chassis helps exhaust heat, and it can spin down entirely for silent operation as temperatures permit.

An infographic showing how the dual deflectors in the interior of the PA602 direct fresh air to the GPU and CPU for better cooling performance

Inside the chassis, dual air deflectors help send cooling air where it’s needed the most. A lengthy panel along the front edge of motherboard tray gently nudges the airstream over the top edge of your motherboard for reduced turbulence and to ensure great cooling for your CPU and power delivery circuitry. The PSU shroud also features an angled front edge to direct airflow toward your graphics card.

A closeup view of the perforated insert in the tempered glass side panel that provides an additional source of cool air for your graphics card

To supply your GPU with even more cooling air, the ProArt PA602’s tempered-glass side panel features a perforated insert that lets the fans on your graphics card breathe more deeply.

The ProArt PA602's embedded PWM fan hub

Expanding the ProArt PA602’s array of case fans is easy thanks to an embedded PWM hub. It supports up to six fans controlled by the motherboard, providing a convenient and efficient way to optimize the cooling performance of your system while simplifying cable management. An easily accessible button on the front I/O panel lets you maximize the airflow of all the fans connected to this controller in one press, and then just as easily switch back to automatic mode.

Sophisticated design

When it comes to the aesthetics of their hardware, creators often have two priorities. They often need to minimize any and all distractions in their workspaces, and they typically need their tech to communicate professionalism when they meet with clients.

A side view of a completed ProArt PC build featuring the ProArt LC 420 AIO liquid CPU cooler

With its minimalist design rooted in clean lines and pleasing symmetry, the ProArt PA602 chassis has an aesthetic that’s never out of place. The tempered glass side panel invites a closer look at the hardware inside, yet it’s also tinted so that you can keep your focus on your workflow. Pair the ProArt PA602 with other ProArt components, including our ProArt motherboards, ProArt LC 420 AIO liquid cooler, and ProArt graphics cards, to construct a PC with a cohesive look.

The Pro Space storage compartment at the back of the top panel

A WiFi antenna has an important job to do, but it doesn’t always need to claim a spot on center stage. When you don’t need the services of your antenna, a storage compartment at back of the top panel with a tool-free magnetic cable cover lets you tuck it away. This compartment keeps the antenna handy so that it’s always easy to pull out when you need to catch a great signal.

Hassle-free PC building with the ProArt PA602 chassis

These days, it doesn’t take a computer science degree to build a computer — we offer extensive resources to help newcomers build with confidence, and we provide versatile tools so that advanced builders can assemble their dream PC.

A closer look at the interior of the PA602 chassis showing a ProArt graphics card

The ProArt PA602 chassis goes above and beyond to simplify and streamline the PC building process. First, we endowed this PC case with plenty of elbow room, even for large components. This chassis stands ready for fully loaded EATX motherboards. If you prefer a beefy tower cooler for your CPU, you’ll find that the 190mm maximum CPU cooler height provided by the PA602 will let you have your pick from just about any option on the market. Considering liquid cooling instead? The top radiator supports radiators all the way up 420mm for truly high-end cooling.

The ProArt PA602's integrated graphics card holder

Today’s content creation apps use the next-gen processing power of graphics cards to accelerate your work. The ProArt PA602 offers more than enough room for even the largest and most powerful graphics cards available — go ahead and load up on horsepower with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090. An embedded graphics card holder keeps your graphics straight and level, whether you prefer it in a horizontal or a vertical orientation.

Completed projects, high-resolution assets, and large datasets can all demand a large amount of storage. The ProArt PA602’s ample interior gives you plenty of options for installing a large number of drives. With support for up to eight 2.5” SSDs, you’ll be able to quickly set up a storage array that’s as large as it is speedy, and the chassis includes four drive bays compatible with 3.5” HDDs, as well.

A clutter-free workspace helps keep you focused and on-task. The ProArt PA602’s extensive cable management options keep the interior of the chassis clean and tidy as well. With well-placed cutouts and 30mm of cable management space, you’ll be able to keep wires lined up and out of sight. A dedicated 53mm-wide cable routing channel equipped with pre-installed Velcro straps makes it easy. To simply the process of connecting the front panel I/O to your motherboard, we consolidated key functions into one unified header.

Finally, the ProArt PA602 chassis minimizes the need for tools as you’re building and maintaining your PC. Both side panels release with the press of just one key. The PA602 also marks the debut of our patented and exclusive mechanism for installing PCIe add-in cards, including graphics cards, without the need for a screwdriver.

Everyday conveniences

The ProArt PA602 chassis goes beyond simplifying the build process with thoughtful touches that streamline your everyday experience with your PC. Creators often need to connect a wide range of peripherals and external storage devices to their workstations, so we loaded the front panel with USB ports. The list is headlined by a speedy USB 20Gbps Type-C port — pair this case with a compatible motherboard to get the most out of it. Two USB 5Gbps Type-A and two USB 2.0 ports give you plenty of options for connecting other devices.

The front panel I/O options of the ProArt PA602 chassis

If an accidental bump of the power button has ever delayed one of your projects, you’ll appreciate the physical latch for the power button on the ProArt PA602. This simple mechanism keeps the power button from being accidentally depressed.

Detachable dust filters slow down the accumulation of dust inside the ProArt PA602 chassis, but perhaps you’d appreciate a light reminder when it’s time to clean your filters. The PA602 has a patented system that automatically detects how much dust, microfibers, and other particles have built up on your front filter, and will illuminate an LED on the side of the chassis when it’s time for a good cleaning.

The wheels built into the bottom of the chassis

A ProArt Studiobook laptop is your first choice for a creator PC that travels, but the ProArt PA602 ensures your desktop PC doesn’t have to be completely stationary. Two wheels at the rear of the chassis make it easy for you to hold the PC by the top-mounted metal handles and reposition it.

ProArt PA602
Motherboard compatibilityEATX (up to 12” x 10.9”), ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
Dimensions 593 x 245 x 560mm
(23.3” x 9.6” x 22”)
Weight15.9kg (35lbs)
MaterialsSteel, tempered glass, ABS plastic
I/O ports2 x USB 2.0 Type-A
2 x USB 5Gbps Type-A
1 x USB 20Gbps Type-C
1 x audio combo jack
3.5” / 2.5” Drive Bays 4
2.5” Drive Bays 4
Expansion Slots 8
Vertical Expansion Slots 3
Maximum GPU Length 450mm
Maximum CPU Cooler Height 190mm
Maximum PSU Length 190mm
Radiator Compatibility Top: 120/140/240/280/360/420mm
Cooling Support Front: 2 x 200mm
Top: 3 x 140mm / 3 x 120mm
Rear: 1 x 140mm / 1 x 120mm
Pre-installed fans Front: 2 x 200mm PWM
Rear: 1 x 140mm PWM
Removable Dust Filters Front / Top / Bottom
Cable Routing30mm
Extension Hub Support PWM Fan Output x 6

The ProArt PA602 chassis caters to creators

A completed ProArt PC build featuring the ProArt PA602 chassis

The ProArt PA602 is a dream case for creative professionals. Offering ample space for high-end components and a large storage array, it’s more than ready for cutting-edge components, and it delivers the powerful cooling you need to keep your PC operating optimally even during the most demanding workloads. A host of conveniences simplify the build process and streamline daily operation, and this PC case’s sophisticated design makes it an easy addition to any studio, set, or workspace.

For more information on the pricing and availability of the ProArt PA602 in your region, please contact your local ASUS representative.


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