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Enjoy seamless whole-home wireless networking with the best ASUS mesh WiFi systems

By Paul Cockeram

If you live in an average-sized apartment on a single floor, then traditional wireless routers are a fine choice for setting up your home network. But larger multi-story households require more planning to ensure that WiFi coverage reaches into every room. The best ASUS mesh WiFi systems eliminate dead zones throughout your home, and they sidestep the hassles and frustrations that often come with extenders and repeaters. Our ZenWiFi series of wireless routers gives you a wide range of mesh WiFi options, so you can find one that best fits your bandwidth needs, the décor of your home, and the construction of your building. 

 Our award-winning mesh WiFi systems were recognized last year “for both overall satisfaction and likelihood to recommend” by PC Magazine. This authoritative publication reported that “ASUS scores exceptionally high for mesh coverage, WiFi speed and network management,” and they have spotlighted us once more in 2024 in their roundup of best mesh WiFi networks. While we are proud to meet such high standards, we continue to stay focused on maintaining the rich feature set and long-term value that consistently distinguish our mesh WiFi systems. 

 Mesh WiFi gives you high-speed WiFi in every room 

Several factors contribute to the speed of your home wireless network. What level of service does your internet provider offer? How many different devices are connected to your network? What wireless standard does your router use? 

ASUS mesh wifi router on end table beside couch

One of the most significant factors, though, is the distance from the device you’re using to the wireless router that runs your home’s network. Every router has a limited range of effectiveness, so you’ll always enjoy the fastest and most stable connections when you’re close to it. Those who have moved from a single-story apartment or small home into a new, larger location will probably notice their WiFi signal begin to struggle in the rooms farthest from the router. 

One possible solution for eliminating internet dead zones in a home is a repeater or range extender. But these devices frequently come with penalties against performance and convenience. You can find a much cleaner, hassle-free fix by installing a mesh WiFi network. Put simply, the best ASUS mesh WiFi systems use multiple units, spaced at regular intervals throughout the house, to manage a single network. The routers automatically determine in real-time which unit offers the best signal to your device. Then they communicate with each other through a connection called a “backhaul,” which is maintained either wirelessly or through Ethernet cables. The result is reliable internet in every room. 

Fast speeds and effortless style, all in one package 

Your home is a refuge all your own, the one place on earth that perfectly matches your unique style and personality. Since a router works best when it’s located in the rooms where you spend the most time on your devices, it is important that the router fits the look and feel of your home. A router that you feel compelled to stash away in a closet or out of sight in a cupboard may not offer the wireless performance you hope for.  

ZenWiFi Hybrid XC5 mesh WiFi system on a table with home furnishings in front of a couch

We had these thoughts in mind when we designed ZenWiFi mesh systems with an understated look that melds seamlessly into almost any decorative style, whether contemporary, minimalist, or modern. We also hid the antennae inside the units, which we shaped with smooth edges and gentle curves that work for any space. Depending on the model, you can choose from classic color options of black and white for natural coordination with nearly any palate. 

Look closer at the ZenWiFi series, and you’ll notice details that lend a touch of elegance. A metal-like coating with brushed finish offers a pleasing texture suitable for other household decorative elements and devices. And at the top of the unit, you will see a concentric-circle design that reflects calm and peace of mind to help maintain the tranquility of your space. 

These design elements afford some practical benefits, as well. If a router overheats, its performance will suffer, and it will need to be rebooted more often. We specially designed the vents behind tall vertical lines that characterize our ZenWiFi mesh routers, allowing plentiful airflow to the circuitry and double heatsinks inside. You’ll get effective thermal performance for continued, reliable operation in a package you won’t mind displaying on an end table. 

Mesh WiFi systems for any home layout 

When it comes to setting up a household’s WiFi network, the traditional approach involved placing the router somewhere near the center of the home and hoping it had enough range to reach every room. Today, the best ASUS mesh WiFi systems let you customize the coverage to every contour of your home. To get the most out of your system, follow a few simple tips. 

ZenWiFi mesh router near wine cellar

As with any other router, the best position for these units is away from concrete walls, large metal objects, and any other obstructions that degrade signal quality. In multi-story homes, it is best to place the nodes higher up and as close to the stairs as possible to help the signal reach across all floors. 

With a little strategic placement, your ZenWiFi system will provide house-wide WiFi connectivity. The optimal distance between mesh nodes is no more than 30 – 45 feet. If you can, make sure there is a clear, obstacle-free line of sight between the nodes. And when the time comes, you can easily expand your mesh WiFi system by adding units. If you decide to build an addition onto your home for an aging parent or returning child, or if you renovate your basement into the perfect multimedia space, you can be sure to get high-speed wireless connectivity there, too. 

The ZenWifi BQ16 Pro and BE30000 let you join the WiFi 7 revolution 

The latest, most exciting development in wireless internet technology has to be WiFi 7. Its supercharged new technologies will revolutionize wireless networking in several dimensions. First is WiFi 7’s fastest-ever speed. While WiFi 6E gave users access to the brand new, non-congested 6GHz band, WiFi 7 lets you make more of this band with ultra-wide 320MHz channels. These higher-capacity channels allow WiFi 7 routers to double the data rates of WiFi 6E, delivering much higher performance with larger capacity. An additional feature of WiFi 7 is 4K QAM, which packs more data into the same amount of spectrum. This change allows high-density data transmission rates with an out-of-the-box increase of 20% over WiFi 6/6E. 

On top of enormous leaps in speed, WiFi 7 provides ultra-stable connections to compatible devices through Multi-Link Operation (MLO). With MLO, WiFi 7-enabled devices can transmit and/or receive data simultaneously across different bands and channels. These parallel links enable faster speeds by aggregating the total bandwidth together, and the redundancy in the system keeps data flowing with minimal disruptions. When it comes to our top-of-the-line, quad-band ZenWifi BE30000 mesh Wifi system, your compatible network devices will connect to the 2.4GhHz band, the 5Ghz band, and both 6GHz bands at the same time. If one band starts to lag from congestion or interference, the others will take over as needed to keep sending and receiving data. The result is unparalleled network stability and seamless, reliable connectivity.  

Besides constant connection, the ZenWiFi BE30000’s three nodes will give your network ultra-fast speeds. Take full advantage of your multi-gig internet connection with bandwidth up to 30Gbps. This system meets the bandwidth needs of even the most device-heavy homes. 

To keep every device connected, no matter which of the three ZenWiFi BE30000 units your device communicates with, the system provides next-generation backhaul options. The extra 6GHz band offers our best wireless backhaul yet while maintaining a second 6GHz band for compatible devices. But maybe you prefer a wired backhaul instead? That’s not a problem, as the ZenWiFi BE30000 features a 10Gbps LAN port that can easily be configured as an Ethernet backhaul. If you take the extra step of daisy-chaining the three units together via these high-bandwidth ports, you’ll enjoy an enviable, high-performance backhaul connection while leaving both 6GHz bandwidths completely open for all your devices.  

Maybe the most attractive feature of the ZenWiFi BE30000 is its astonishing range. In large homes or houses that span several floors, dropped signals and dead zones are a common but frustrating occurrence. The three routers in the ZenWiFi BE30000 are built with twelve internal antennae and sixteen high-power front-end modules to deliver constant coverage in all directions — up to the incredible size of 11,000 square feet. This is ideal for sprawling homes with numerous rooms or multi-story townhouses with three or more floors. You can easily space the three routers throughout the house or assign one to every floor, and you’ll enjoy coverage from the top-floor master bedroom all the way to the backyard. 

If your house is not quite so large, you can opt for the ZenWiFi BQ16 Pro, which delivers all the power and features of the BE30000 in a smaller package. The ZenWiFi BQ16 Pro includes two units instead of three. Whether you opt for two routers or three in your top-of-the-line mesh WiFi system, you can relax in the knowledge that both systems will meet the needs of a house full of power users. And either system will future-proof your home network for years to come as you purchase WiFi 7-compatible smartphones, laptops, and other devices. 

Powerful WiFi for a great price: The ZenWiFi ET8 and XT9 

Multi-generational households are getting more and more common, with aging grandparents moving in and college graduates returning to the family home. Each person will want to use their own laptops and smartphones, adding to the burden of a home network that might already be servicing smart technology from thermostats to speakers, televisions, refrigerators, lighting systems, and security cameras. If that scenario sounds familiar, and if WiFi 6E is available in your area, then consider upgrading to our ZenWiFi ET8. 

ZenWiFi AX mesh WiFi system in a living room in front of an entertainment center

This system is an ideal choice for homes situated in well-populated areas or among high-density housing, where the volume of devices creates interference within the traditional, heavily used 5GHz band. Your most important devices can gain immediate zero-wait connections on the 6GHz band, while your older devics can stay connected with the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. And you’ll get blazing-fast speeds up to 6600Mbps, a full 2.2 times faster than tri-band WiFi 5 routers. 

The ZenWiFi ET8 2-pack included in this system will keep you connected in houses up to 5500 sq. ft. Of course, the ZenWiFi ET8 is fully compatible with all your existing WiFi devices, so you can use it right now.  

ASUS ZenWiFi mesh WiFi system on a table with smartphone, watch, and laptop

If WiFi 6E is not available in your region, you’ll find a cost-effective upgrade to WiFi 6 in our ZenWiFi XT9. This whole-home mesh system consists of a pair of tri-band routers that give you superfast, reliable, and secure connections across one 2.4GHz band and two 5GHz bands. With two available 5 GHz bands, you can dedicate one to mesh backhaul traffic and leave the other band open to maximize and stabilize your WiFi speeds. Of course, you can also channel the backhaul through an Ethernet cable and keep all three bands available for streaming, gaming, and cloud-based apps. Or to keep things simple, let the ZenWiFi XT9 choose the best connection type for you. 

But what use is a faster connection if the router’s signal drops in some rooms? We equipped the ZenWiFi XT9 with the latest ASUS RangeBoost Plus technology, along with our flagship Broadcom WiFi 6 chipset, to provide significantly improved WiFi signal range and coverage in spaces up to 5700 sq. ft. 

The ZenWiFi XD6 brings mesh networking to a wider audience 

Maybe your household’s needs are more modest. You and your loved ones might rely on your WiFi network for basic web browsing and social media, and when the time comes to stream movies or shows, you tend to watch them together. Or maybe you just want to extend your network’s coverage into the new workshop or recording studio you built in your garage, or you wish you could watch videos while relaxing in a hammock in your backyard. In cases like these, the ZenWifi XD6 will give the performance you need at a great price.  

Man in chair with ASUS mesh WiFi router nearby on a table

This dual-band mesh WiFi system brings WiFi 6 connectivity within reach of even budget-conscious consumers, offering up to 5400Mbps of aggregate throughput. But lower cost doesn’t have to mean less range. The ZenWiFi XD6 is a fine fit for homes up to 5400 sq. ft. with 4+ rooms. And depending on your region, you may get your ZenWiFi XD6 equipped with wall mounts to let you position the units exactly where they’re needed most. 

Attention gamers: look no further than the ROG Rapture GT6 

Fans of our Republic of Gamers (ROG) products appreciate their durable construction and distinctive style. Gamers know they can rely on ROG gear to be fine-tuned for their specialized needs and to perform reliably over the long haul. If your house is filled with gamers, the award-winning ROG Rapture GT6 mesh WiFi 6 system will give you high-efficiency performance with triple-level game acceleration to keep network traffic moving every step of the way. 

The ROG Rapture GT6 mesh WiFi system alongside an ROG laptop and ROG smartphone

The key feature of the tri-band Rapture GT6 is its dedicated high-performance backhaul and 160Mhz channels, providing ultrafast speeds up to 10000Mbps. That level of throughput will keep live-action multiplayer games chugging smoothly without the frustrating connection stutters that sometimes fatally stop the onscreen action. For even greater speed, your gamers can take advantage of the ultra-fast wired connectivity of the included 2.5Gbps WAN port and LAN aggregation. The resulting link bundling will reduce latency and improve stability, helping you vanquish lag and maintain game momentum. 

An ROG Ally on a table with the ROG Rapture GT6 mesh WiFi system and the ROG XG17AHPE portable monitor

To perform at their best, gamers often take total control of their environment. They stay comfortable with careful ergonomics, and they minimize distractions by sealing themselves in far-flung rooms. The Rapture GT6 enables everyone to maintain the privacy and sanctity of their gaming space with expanded coverage. Nine powerful internal antennae in each unit combine with ASUS RangeBoost Plus technology to cover up to 5,800 square feet. Meanwhile, the routers will blend seamlessly into any ROG setup thanks to their rugged Black or Moonlight White construction and distinctive ROG logo. 

Easy setup with sophisticated features 

No matter which ASUS mesh WiFi system you select, setup is a breeze. Our free ASUS Router app takes care of the technical details, so all you have to do is connect one node to your modem, then plug both units in and follow the app’s instructions. When it comes to naming your network, flexible naming options let you designate a different name for each band or a single name for everything. 

Collage of family protected by AiProtection network security features

Think of your new ASUS mesh WiFi system as an investment in long-term value, with generous warranties and a whole range of pre-bundled features. Every system enjoys comprehensive AiProtection network security features, a commercial-grade suite that leverages powerful cybersecurity solutions and cloud data centers from Trend Micro to shield your smart home and all your connected devices from cyber threats. This free suite includes automatic security updates, malicious site blocking vulnerability protection, and built-in tools to detect and block infected devices — with zero subscription fees. All features are easy to set up and use through the ASUS Router app. 

A child underneath a blanket using a smartphone while a nearby parent uses the advanced parental controls in the ASUS router app to manage screen time

Parents will also appreciate the set of robust, common-sense, hassle-free parental controls included in every ZenWiFi system. Take the guesswork out of protecting your kids with these free controls. Inside the ASUS Router app, you’ll find preset profiles based on age that automatically filter inappropriate content while setting suggested daily screentime schedules for all your kids’ devices. With the included internet activity dashboard, you can easily keep tabs on your little one’s browsing behaviors. 

But advanced security and parental controls are just the start — you’ll also enjoy built-in VPN features, the Instant Guard mobile app for secure browsing on public WiFi networks, and more. Click here to learn all about the suite of features that comes free with every ASUS mesh WiFi system. 

The best mesh WiFi systems 

For larger homes, those with multiple stories, or households supporting multiple gamers, traditional wireless routers might not deliver reliable, high-speed signals in every room. Wireless repeaters and extenders are one option, but they’re frequently frustrating to use day-to-day. Most people can make better use of a mesh WiFi system. 

A closeup of the ASUS monogram logo on the ZenWiFi BE30000 mesh WiFi system

ZenWiFi mesh wireless systems simplify the setup of your home network and deliver the bandwidth you need to every single room on each and every floor. The elegant style of all ASUS mesh WiFi systems will coordinate easily with your existing décor, or else plug seamlessly into your ROG gaming setup. The free ASUS Router app makes setup hassle-free while providing a robust suite of security options. So stop struggling with internet dead zones in your hope and upgrade your network with an ASUS mesh WiFi system for high-bandwidth, reliable wireless connectivity throughout the entire home. 


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