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The ExpertBook B3 Series upgrades performance and configuration options

ASUS ExpertBooks already power a wide range of industries. Today, we’re ready to announce a new range of ExpertBook B3 laptops. Smartly crafted for business success, powered by innovation, designed to boost productivity, thoughtfully engineered to elevate security and privacy, and available with flexible configurations to meet diverse needs, these machines are ready for the needs of today’s businesses.

Cutting-edge components

The ExpertBook B3 is engineered to enhance business capabilities, providing the fast and responsive performance essential for today’s demands. With up to an Intel Core Ultra 7 CPU and p to 32GB of DDR5 RAM, it offers seamless multitasking, advanced data handling, and streamlined operations. Graphics power comes courtesy of Intel Arc™ graphics or a discrete GPU up to an NVIDIA RTX 2050. All told, this tech provides both the raw performance and future-unleashing technology needed to innovate the way business is done.

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The latest B3 models also benefit from a comprehensive set of ports for versatile peripheral connections and easy data transfers. This includes up to WiFi 7 connectivity, and a built-in smart card reader for use as a secondary ID check and enhanced security. There’s also the latest Thunderbolt™ 4 USB-C® port, which supports 40 Gbps data transfer speeds, 4K display output, and fast-charging support.

Everything you need and nothing that you don’t

The latest ExpertBook B3 laptops offer you the freedom and flexibility to tailor them to meet your specific requirements. Configuration options include an IR camera and fingerprint sensor for fast, secure biometric login, a smart card reader for multifactor authentication, and even 4G LTE connectivity for seamless remote working.

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The optional touchscreen B3 models are also compatible with the ASUS Pen 2.0 and other MPP 2.0-compatible input devices for versatile productivity.

Productivity-first design

Smartly designed for modern business and forward-thinking organizations, the ExpertBook B3 series embraces a true productivity-first approach, making it ideal for today’s hybrid workers. With exceptional visuals, fast charging and a long-lasting battery, these laptops ensure seamless and efficient productivity experiences.

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To provide exceptional remote-working and video-conferencing experiences, ExpertBook B3 laptops feature AI-powered noise-cancelation technology minimizes unwanted background noise and picks up the user’s voice for optimum conference-call quality.

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Models are available with 14-inch or 16-inch displays, allowing you to pick the right balance of portability and screen size for your business needs. With either display size, you get a bright, clear screen with wide viewing angles for easy collaboration. A tall 16:10 aspect ratio allows you to see more of a project or website at a glance without scrolling.

For precise and fast data-crunching power, select ExpertBook B3 models also include a full-sized numeric keypad.

Enterprise-grade security and privacy

The new ExpertBook B3 series is packed with technology to provide strong data security and privacy protection.

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For starters, ExpertBook B3 laptops have built-in biometric security in the form of an integrated infrared camera for facial recognition and a fingerprint sensor for easy access. These are bolstered by a smart-card reader to enable easy two-factor authentication, with a password and recognized card required for login. A discrete TPM 2.0 chip securely stores authentication information utilized by software, safeguarding crucial data and transactions, including passwords, and encryption keys.

The new laptops also benefit from a physical webcam cover for an assurance of instant privacy when it’s not in use. There’s also an integrated Kensington lock slot, providing a physical security option for safeguarding the hardware when used in unsupervised locations.

Learn more about all the new tech we’re announcing at CES 2024

A banner for the ASUS In Search of Incredible: Transcendence event for CES 2024, indicating the times that the event starts in Las Vegas, Long, and Taipei

The ExpertBook B3 series of laptops give your business highly configurable options for increasing productivity. These innovative notebooks are just a few of the many new products that we’re announcing at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Click here to learn more about our latest laptops, monitors, peripherals, wireless routers, and more.

For more information on the pricing and availability of the ASUS ExpertBook B3 series in your region, please contact your local ASUS representative.


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