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3 Games from PAX you HAVE to Play

3 Games from PAX you HAVE to Play

In the spirit of PAX Prime, I wanted to write about the games that you can play on your ZenFone2! There are simple games, and some a bit more complex. However, these three games can be played by anyone with their phone.

DARK ECHO [$1.99]


This is a beautifully simplistic, yet challenging game where you’re trapped in a dark environment where you have to rely on visual cues like bat sonar to guide your way through obstacles and evil. There’s 80 levels of fantastic, heart-pounding fear, and according to the developers, it’s best played with headphones. Are YOU afraid of the dark?




But wait, how can I play this on my phone, if I need Steam? So this game isn’t an Android game per se, BUT it can be controlled via your ZenFone! The game is a multi-player cooperative RPG game for 1-4 players. By downloading the app onto your ZenFone, you can control your character in exploration and combat.

Essentially, your computer and phones have to be on the same WiFi network and when you log into the game, you can choose a unique warrior, interact with your friends, and receive unique information and choose whether to share it with your teammates or use it against them.




Although this game hasn’t been released yet, I got a chance to play a beta at PAX. This games is ADDICTING. It’s not like any other Match-3 game I’ve played. It can be played by yourself or with your friends!  It’s pretty fast-paced and can get maddeningly frustrating when you’re playing against your buddies. Keep your eye on the lookout for this game, because once you start, you’ll be putting your Candy Crush days behind you.

UPDATE: We have our winner for our STEAM Giveaway! Congrats to Brandon!