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App of the week – Pintasking

App of the week – Pintasking

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great holiday and stuffed yourselves! Myself, I’m trying to shed some of this turkey and gravy weight off now, but I rarely find the time to hit the gym, or ride the bike. I know, I know…it’s all about being efficient and better at managing my time, right? Anyway, speaking of efficiency, I’ve always felt that the Android OS was lacking in this department. There’s not really a great way to just hop from app to app quickly.


The stock “Recents” menu allows you to flip through different apps, webpages, etc. But sometimes exiting out of whatever you’re doing and going back isn’t that easy unless they are your most recent actions. Keep in mind, you have to deal with scrolling through all of the cards to find that specific app or site. At the very least, you’re tapping 4 times to get from one app to the next and back. This is where Pintasking comes in. The app is a simple tool that allows you to multi-task with ease.

How it works:


The app creates small overlays that sit on top of your screen. These bubbles allow you to quickly jump between different apps very easily at just ONE tap. Whatever app you’re in, all you need to do is swipe down from the notification menu and select “Tap to Pin” and a small bubble appears on your screen with the app’s icon inside. In the basic version (the paid version is $3.99), you can have a maximum of two pins.


If you want to switch apps, just tap on the pin. You can then switch back by tapping it again, or the other app you want to use. If you’ve got something else you want to look at, you can always go back to that pin at any time. It’s really simple and fast!

Is it worth $3.99?

With the Pro version of the app, Pintasking allows you to:

  • Change the look of the bubbles
  • Increase or decrease the distance to the edge of the phone
  • Remove the immediate switch to last task after pinning functionality
  • And many other configurations

So, is it worth $4? I think if you need speed, then the efficiency you get from the pins is worth it because it’s so fast. You know exactly what you’re getting when you tap on the pin and you don’t need to scroll through a ton of cards in the recents menu. For now, I’m running the basic, free version, but may go pro later on. Try it out for yourselves.

Download Pintasking