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How the ZenFone 2 Saves You Money

How the ZenFone 2 Saves You Money

With up to a 2.3 GHz Intel Atom CPU, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, and a 13MP shooter, the ASUS ZenFone2 is a device that packs a punch and delivers incredible value. As we’ve stated in the past, it would be hard for other flagship phones priced at $600 and $700 not to turn their heads at the competition. So instead of shelling out extra clams, you can save those hard-earned bills for that puppy, a sweet graphics card, or your car’s tune up (for me it was the last of those options #sadface #timingbelt). So if you’re considering purchasing a new phone, here are the ways the ZenFone2 keeps your wallet happy:

#1 – It costs way less than the competitive flagships, but provides competitive specs

Okay, no brainer there. But we ran AnTuTu 5.7.1 and 3DMark on this with pretty good results:

*iPhone 6 benched at 46083


#2 – It’s two phones in one!



With things like Snap View and Dual Sim – you don’t need a work phone and a personal phone anymore. You can have both in one phone! Use Snap View to have two different accounts on one phone – your photos and files can’t be accessed by the other account. And if you’re a jetsetter, having one phone is a lot easier to carry around. Use SIM1 for your data and SIM2 for voice.

#3 – You don’t need a DSLR anymore


With the ZenFone2’s camera quality and features, an extra DSLR might only make sense if you’re grinding to become a Lvl99 photographer. For me, a 13MP camera with great low-light features, fun accessories like the Lolliflash, and with some manual functionality is going to get me every shot I need.

So if you’re still wondering why you should buy an ASUS ZenFone2, I’d encourage you to re-read this list. Also, go check out the articles that explain how easy it is to customize your ZenFone, and how ZenUI is a great launcher that offers you increased productivity.

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  1. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and while it occasionally takes great photos it does not compare with the speed of my Nikon 5000 or it’s ability to take shots when it matters… like when my kid is actually doing something or he happens to be facing the way I want him to. By the time my phone takes the picture it is way too late and I end up with either a blurry shot or the back of his head as he quickly turns away to run off somewhere. So I still have to pack my DSLR for better action shots and sharper pictures even though the Camera on my Phone has a higher megapixel the pictures still aren’t as good as the Nikon for various reasons including The Nikon’s ability to take double flash within a fraction of a second to reduce red eye and to meter the picture super fast so fast it looks like just one flash versus how long it takes for the phone to do the same. I find even today as advanced as the phones are they still don’t function well as cameras as they are simply too slow. Especially since you have to open the camera app first. Where my camera is just a quick flip of a switch and it’s ready to shoot of course the camera has to be taken out of the bag so sometimes I take a quick shot with the phone when need be if I’m not close to the camera… having a high res camera on the phone means that if I don;t happen to have my Nikon on me I can always take a decent or good photo with my phone instead. Also glad many phones are getting better about their camera quality because as a graphic designer many people send me pictures from their I-phones or their androids for use in graphic design jobs and some have been way too low quality to where I need to practically produce a miracle to get the design to look great. Occasionally I have to have them take another picture with a digital camera or a better phone. Luckilly those days are almost gone now.

    • It’s not the megapixel count that means crap; it’s the size of the pixels on the receptor. I’ve always be baffled by idiots use of a communication device as a camera. If you need to rip off a couple of quick shots of some idiot getting a skateboard enema then sure your phone will work fine. Otherwise, use a damn camera. it’s why they are called cameras.

  2. Looked at the specs and you tout this as a dual sim “flagship” phone, but sim 2 is using subpar hardware. It is only 2G, closed for data and as everyone knows 2G is being phased out. In fact in some areas it is already shut down. It’s great that you have dual active, big plus but not understanding why you would use outdated hardware. Even with data active on sim 2 dual active or dual standby the phone would only use 1 sim at a time for data. This is already the case with other dual sim phones.

    I’m not understanding why at this price point why you used this type of equipment. Perhaps you can answer that question and what Asus is doing to correct this issue.

    • It’s interesting the things you brought up. This phone is about bringing the people premium-like functionality at a lower-than premium price. As for 2G, we wanted those who were traveling internationally to be able to connect to older networks. As more countries update to better networks, we could possibly see upgrades in the specs.

      • I’m sorry but that is a poor response in regards to using subpar outdated hardware in your equipment. As I stated at this price point your company should not be using subpar hardware. Your phone is not at a lower price using that type of hardware. There is no much difference in price at this point to use a modem that is up to date compared to using an outdated one unless one is trying to gain more profit at the expense of the end user. An up to date modem would have handled 2G/3G/4G for those in those area internationally that are not up to date. Other companies such as UMI, Siswoo, etc have lower priced phones but seem to be able to get up to date hardware and yet their phones are about 2/3 of what this phone is selling for.

        However that still doesn’t address those of us in the United States and Europe plus other areas who already has 2G shutting down. So your phone is only dual sim in areas that haven’t kept up to speed with technology, otherwise it’s only a 1 sim phone but we’re going to tout it to you has a dual sim. In other words there no excuse at $300.00 U.S. you are only using a 2G modem with the cost of this phone and an updated modem’s cost is negligible to the overall cost.

        What exactly is “premium like” ? Your company sells this phone as cutting edge technology, it’s flagship phone, yet you’re here calling it “premium like”. Not good.

        Want to try again to explain why at this price point your company has used subpar hardware?

        • Sorry you are unhappy with my response. I can’t get into detail why the company choose certain components, because I don’t have all the details. The phone started at $199 dual SIM. You weren’t able to find that anywhere. At the time, and still now, this phone provides really great value. We both know that this phone can match flagships, but will compromise in certain areas to meet the price point. Hence “premium-like”. Thanks again for your comments!

          • Great response. I’m not sure how cheap people want this phone to be but other phones cost $600 plus and aren’t dual Sim.

    • Hi Larry, you can definitely sync with Outlook – I use it for work all the time! There is an Outlook app in the Google Play store. As long as you know your mail server information, you should be all good! If you would like to use a ringtone, or alarm to find your phone, you can use Android Device Manager. It’s an app that you can download to the phone and manage it remotely on your computer. So, if you have GPS enabled, you can get your phone to sound off, or you can wipe your information in case it goes missing.

  3. In no way is a DSLR not needed for photography in exchange for a Zenfone 2. Sure, the camera specs look impressive on paper and perform very good in cases where there’s lots of light to capture but it will be abysmal in low light. This is where a DSLR comes to play where you could adjust the aperture of the lens to capture more light into the sensor thus giving much better visibility in pictures and also allowing for better night shots. It is a VERY good phone for the price however this is something you need to keep in mind. Lovely article nonetheless, should allow some folks to prevent their mind from stirring up when thinking of a good budget phone.

    • Thank you for the comment! Yes, a DSLR is needed for more manual functionality and higher-quality photos – stuff a more seasoned, or aspiring photographer might want. Totally understand your points and much appreciated!

  4. Zenfone 2 is the best phone that could be found in its price tag. I’m using a 64 gb ZenFone 2 after ZenFone 5. It’s great. In the downside it’s hard to find an extra charge as there is lesser asus stores. Any way I’m not leaving this phone.

  5. I am really interested in this phone. However I have been reading many reviews and they all talk about how it is full of “bloatware”. I myself prefer a lean rom myself. I know ASUS wanted to give their customers many features for their phone. Can these extra apps be uninstalled or disabled if not needed?

  6. I purchased the ASUS PadFone X Mini December 2014. Beautiful phone, until I woke up one morning, following a dreadful night of software updates, only to find my device frozen and inoperable. The continuous updating appears to be eating up my internal storage, Micro SD or whatever. Ever since, the pad station quit working, the sound no longer works, and I can’t seem to get a replacement phone, since I purchased it through AT&T. The phone is still under warranty, but with 2 parties involved in the purchase (AT&T and ASUS Manufacturing) both entities blow the warranty off to the other party that way no one has honor the warranty. Oh, and by the way, the camera locks up at just the perfect timing, right when you caught that kodak moment. I perform a factory reset at least 2 times a week, again due to malfunction of continuous updates. AT&T is a 4G LTE Network, but this cell phone by ASUS is behind the times. After reading the reviews, now I understand why. What a joke.

  7. My ZenFone 2 went to sleep one night and didn’t wake up in the morning. I went online to access my asus warranty. Entered my serial number and model. Filled out a form, ASUS is sending me an advance replacement phone.
    It also said it the same instructions if my phone was not eligible for advance replacement I could fill out another form and send it to ASUS for warranty repair.
    The only thing that irks me is that my phone is less than 6 months old and I have a protective glass over my screen. Not expensive but I will have to go buy another and have it installed.