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Use the ASUS Lolliflash for Low-light Photos

Use the ASUS Lolliflash for Low-light Photos


Phones tend to have more trouble in low light scenarios than their DSLR counterparts. Not necessarily because of their sensor, or software, but because they’re very light. It’s much easier to hold something that’s heavier more steadily than something that weighs less than a pound. Slight movements like shaky hands can really compromise an otherwise good shot. To combat this, you need a bright light source which will help the camera shoot at a faster shutter speed and reduce opportunities for blur.



This is where the ASUS Lolliflash accessory comes into play so you don’t miss that selfie in the club, or while you’re out and about at night grubbing with friends. It’s a about the size of a half dollar that fits into the 3.5mm headphone jack and all you have to do is press the button on the side to emit a bright light with three different brightness settings. It acts as a torch so you can consistently illuminate your subjects and if they’re people, it can reduce instances of red-eye.

The package also comes with three filters:red, blue and white to provide dynamic photos.

Here are some before and after examples of how the Lolliflash improves your shots:

Left: Regular Flash, Right: Lolliflash

See the difference? Notice how the on a regular flash, it makes the bright spots harsh, but if you use the Lolliflash, many of the details still remain and comes out a bit smoother.

One thing to note is that the Lolliflash is charged via microUSB and doesn’t drain the phone’s battery. It’s such a simple, and extremely portable tool that can drastically change the outcome of your photos, and is an accessory that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Get your ASUS Lolliflash today and bring out that Ansel Adams in you: