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Android 6.0 Marshmallow will come to ZenFone 2 and more!

Android 6.0 Marshmallow will come to ZenFone 2 and more!

This morning, ASUS HQ announced that a variety of phones would be supported with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Currently, there isn’t an official timetable for when the update will happen, but in the ZenTalk forums, it has been mentioned that the ZenFone 2 (ZE551ML) has been undergoing testing.

Below are the following models that will receive the next delicious OS:

Android 6.0 Marshmallow Plan for ASUS Smartphones

  • PadFoneS (PF500KL)
  • ZenFone2 (ZE550ML/ZE551ML)
  • ZenFone2 Deluxe / Special Edition (ZE551ML)
  • ZenFone2 Laser (ZE500KG/ZE500KL/ZE550KL/ZE600KL/ZE601KL)
  • ZenFone Selfie (ZD551KL)

Source: ASUS ZenTalk


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    • Yep. Very disappointing. The lack of updates for the ZenPad is infuriating. I will never buy nor recommend Asus again. What a mistake this purchase turned out to be. There is no excuse – not that they are offering one, they are just ignoring everyone who asks. I dropped BlackBerry in 2009 for the same reason – ignoring a problem is not an effective solution and only serves to alienate customers which, in turn, leads to a loss in new customers.

  1. “Any update on if the ZenPad S 8.0 will be updated to Marshmallow”

    I bought the zen pad S 8″ because I was told marshmallow was coming. If ASUS skips this upgrade then I’ll know NEVER to by another Asus product.

      • I contacted ASUS representative online several weeks ago. They said they contacted their HQ and their reply from HQ was “there was no schedule for updating ZenPad S8.” What a shame. I bought the ZenPad S8 a few months ago. It is a great tablet, but if I knew they would not update it from Android 5 to Android 6, I wouldn’t have bought it. It is still running on Android 5.0 (not even 5.1). Sometime I am wondering if the manufacturers do not want to spend money on updating their devices, they should have just installed pure Android (then put in whatever crap-wear they want), so that user can get the update directly from Google.

  2. Was initially thrilled when we saw the Zenfone 2 in one of the local phone shops. Thought about buying two, one to replace a Nexus 4 and the other in lieu of getting a Nexus 5x – but after reading this thread, we’ll steer clear because of the ambiguity of the timeline. 5.1 would have been acceptable for now, but 5.0 is a non starter.

  3. Zenfone2 is a good choice. I’m still patiently waiting for an update from 5.0 to 6.0 looks like they will skip 5.1. This phone is great. I got the 4gb version and love it. Thank you ASUS. Now hurry up and send me an update 😉

  4. Im another user waiting for the update to 6.0 Marshmallow for Zenpad S 8 users. This is ridiculous. This is your flagship, expensive ass tablet. Do you guys not want sales in the future? 5.0 has horrendous known memory leaks that cause battery drainage. I’m lucky if I get 2 to 3 hours with your stock, out-of-the-box settings.

    I’m tired of your staffs canned answers pertaining to its release. You guys are pissing a bunch of people off who bought your tablet with the promise that it was going to be updated to 6.0. Maybe a class-action lawsuit will spark your interest in getting that out ASAP. As everybody who bought this tablet since June and July have been waiting patiently since you guys told us 6.0 was coming. I bought this tablet and cannot use it until I can get better battery life out of it.

    • Oh stop it. Class Action Lawsuit? How much money do you think is in your claim? Do you know any Class attorneys who want to litigate a frivolous lawsuit that is worth approximately the same dollar amount no matter what outcome? When you make such charged statements, you can’t expect somebody to stick out their neck to help you.

      I also would love an update to a more modern Android iteration, but nobody owes it to me, and i haven’t lost any use of the product I bought simply because it hasn’t been updated more quickly.

  5. To:- Khang Thai

    Dear Sir, Please tell all zenfone 2 holders the exact schedule or rollout timings of updation of zenfone 2 series from 5.0 to 6.0 M update if it has been provided to you from Asus HQ….

  6. @Khang Thai, Please pressurize your HQ staff to post some update on the same request by various Asus customers about Marshmallow update for Asus devices. In particular, I’m referring to Asus Zenpad 10 series.

    It pains a lot to see that your competitors are continuously providing the updates or news about such updates but Asus being a reputed company with awesome devices is not updating on par with its competitors.

  7. Waiting for the update like……….. well as long as there IS an update to Marshmallow Android 6.0, I will wait patiently as the Zenfone is still an awesome phone for its price. (ZE551ML)

    Admin, kindly do update the dates when possible, I’m sure we would all appreciate that greatly.

  8. After Updates Asus Pixel master My cam is not working Properly
    I have already complain in Asus But no repley from there End
    My Model No Is ZenFone ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser (ZE550KL),Country=,Case=A160136489

    And Please inform when is Asus pixel master 4.7 is coming

  9. the lack of OS update to the zenfone 2 flagship phone is the reason I never bought this phone. the 5.0 OS is hindering the battery on the zenfone and well as other critical issues that are fixed by an OS update. I’m saving my money for lg g5. brand name phones have updates, Asus has excuses.

    • Dude my battery lasts all day and little more, thats too much in this days…i got a ZE551ML and will get 6.0 soon, in ZenTalk they announced that aprox in mid febreaury 6.0 will be released, at the same time in galaxy S6 and XPERIA Z3 so waiting will totally worth it… 🙂

  10. My battery drains a lot(ZenFone ZE55ML)……… in 2 sec there will be huge drain(up to 5%), there is no option to upload pica to show my phone battery status and camera quality it’s not acceptable as per asus standards.

    Hoping for better OS, as we know 5.0 is heck of the cards

  11. Dear Administrator/Moderator ASUS, having ‘no’ as information is much better than ‘waiting’ for information. Please list out whichever ASUS devices get Android Marshmallow. The fans may not like the list if their device is missed out, but at least they would come to terms in case they don’t get Marshmallow. They may think of selling their devices and buy new ASUS devices, or for avoiding this ‘lack’ of information, they may buy some of your competitor’s devices. Please speak out. Thanks and regards!

  12. Hey ASUS

    Put these on the list

    Fonepad 7 FE375CL Tablet
    PadFone 2 A68 – 32GB(this product is horrible but i still have it ,my first smart phone)

    Im serious …. or i will ask one more time and i wont ask again hahaha

  13. I am still waiting for the Marshmallow update for my ZenFone 2 Deluxe special Edition.
    Its now April 2nd 2016 and ASUS promised users in November 2015 it will come and here we are still with no update.
    Also I wish they just get rid of the bloatware.
    At least let us uninstall APPs we dont want. – Im going to be forced to flash my phone, if they dont let me uninstall apps I dont want or need.

  14. I also forgot to mention,
    I cant seem to find the feature that will let me change grid size of the icons on my ZenFone 2 Deluxe SE.
    As well as when using Google Now, The screen no longer lets me swipe to the right and view the Google Now screen. I press the application Icon, and it does not open or activate, ever since ASUS update happened on my device..
    Also the Google search bar on top of the screen, is so bulky and big.
    They need to slim that google search bar down and make it more sleek.

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  15. I bought a cellphone ASUS ZenFone2 laser ze550kl about one month ago and two times until now I received prompt for updating Android system. After ^downloading and at the end of installation the bellow prompt appeared and the system did not update. how can I solve the problem. “system partition has unexpected content . E:Error in @/cache/recovery/block.map(status 7) E: fota-return-code 409 Installation (FOTA) error. Installation aborted.

  16. gys unlock tool not working
    why the hell did asus give the tool
    pls give another tool to unlock bootloader
    i am stuck with the zen ui
    on the other hand no android 6.0 update
    unofficial cm 6.0 is already out
    cummon gys give the update fast

  17. I got a message for an update to marshmallow 6.0 on 16.06.2016 and when i go for it,dnt know why,but i was unable to update my zenfone 2 laser ze 550kl.so please help me out for an updation of my phone.

  18. I have a zenfone2 ZE551ML and zenfone2 laser ZE601KL.
    Q2 is almost over and I am still waiting for a Android M update.
    Pathetic guys, no more ASUS for me in future if you cannot keep your promise for Q2 update.

  19. When will Marshmallow update come for Asus Zenfone laser 2 5.5 3 gb ram? All the phones are getting updates but why i am not recieving the updates. kindly revert to my review as soon as possible with update…..

  20. Solution for update problem.
    Maybe you have this message when try to update your device “…Error in @/cache/recovery/block.map(status 7) E: fota-return-code 409 Installation (FOTA) error. Installation aborted”
    Source of this problem in Over-The-Air update process. So you must download new updated firmware from asus website directly to PC, and then update your device from PC. And after that you have new firmware, also can update over the air when newer version of firmware came out.

    • I’m wondering when will Marshmallow be released
      For ZenPhone 2 Deluxe ???
      Many applications in the Google play store are now becoming incompatible because the apps have been updated for marshmallow already…. Come On…!!!!!

  21. You company is taking waaaaaayyyyy too long to update your software. I don’t know if I should bother buying the Zenphone 3 because your updates take way too long while
    Other flagship phone already has the full update……WTF..!?

  22. 2Q 2016 has come and gone, still running lollipop with all the asus bloat/crapware

    Where’s M? N will be out in 3Q…which is NOW!

    oh I know why they missed the deadline, they were using their own bad calendar app

  23. When Asus will give update for z008d model. Now the phone functions get slow. There is no update for a long time. Other zenfone2 models already got marshmallow update. Till z008d is in android 5.0 only. Any news about update…

  24. We get out of Q2 and android 6 not come yet to zen fone 2 can i ask you why and how much time need we waiting for a update why you do this with us???every time you say in december and then in Q1 and then you say in Q2…every time say something but didn’t do any thing for us..im sorry for you asus..

    • I gave up on waiting for Asus to update their ZenFone 2 Deluxe special edition.
      I purchased the Nexus 6P…….

      Sorry Asus, but you guys are too slow on updating.
      August 2016 Google has just released Android v7 Nougat Operating Systems for all their phones, It will be rolling out very soon to most phones purchased within a year.

      • I wish I could say differently, but my experience as an Asus customer has spoiled my opinion of the company. Unfortunately for Asus, I sell electronics 40 hours a week. I certainly won’t be buying another Asus product after the dearth of updates on my tablet, which has more than its share of issues, by the way. I also won’t be recommending Asus phones or tablets to my customers, either. I’m only one salesperson, but that is still hundreds of lost potential sales a week due to one poor experience.

  25. This is why I SOLD my Asus phone. I will never purchase anything from Asus ever again…… never.!!
    Nothing.. no motherboard no phones nothing…
    Asus is completely dead to me.

    We are now on Nuogat and people I know who still have their asus phone still dont have an update.

    I purchased the NEXUS 6P 128-gig phone and very happy with it…….

  26. I just got a email reply from Asus’ customer service regarding Android update for ASUS ZenPad S8 (Z580CA) tablet. The email said “… after consulting related department in TW (I think they meant Taiwan), up till now, they still have no schedule for updating to a newer Android os.
    ZenPad S8 is a nice tablet. It is ashamed that Asus did not even update to at least 5.1, not to mention updating to Android 6. If ASUS doesn’t want to do the work for updating their tablet, why don’t they just ship it with pure Android (like Nexus 7/9/10). Asus made a very nice Nexus 7 (2013) with pure Android with updates as soon as it is available from Google.

  27. I really think it’s a shame that you can spend $300 on a tablet and expect good customer service and an update for the Android operating system but so far I’m being left in the cold they won’t even let you know for sure if it’s going to get one or not so I mean if you’re not going to get one just say it so that we can all move on to a better company this is supposed to be your Flagship tablet and doesn’t feel like you guys even care what your customers really want I call customer service and the only thing they will say is to watch for it or Google it I mean wow! That is the way to stand by your product