Home PC DIY Guides Which Zen AiO Pro is right for me?

Which Zen AiO Pro is right for me?

Which Zen AiO Pro is right for me?

So, you want a Zen AiO Pro—but which one?  There are four different versions in the US, each with a unique blend of features designed to suit different tastes.  They all have the same unibody aluminum chassis, reversible Type-C USB 3.1 port, and IPS display technology.

The entry-level Z240-C1 starts at $999 and comes with a 1080p display that lacks integrated touch.  This resolution is perfect for watching Full HD movies on the 23.8” screen, especially given the wide viewing angles of the IPS panel.

With a quad-core Intel Core i5-6400T CPU and 8GB of DDR4 memory, the Z240-C1 has plenty of horsepower for work, while its discrete NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M GPU offers much better gaming performance than integrated graphics solutions.  1TB of flash-infused hybrid storage accelerates access to the files and applications you use the most.

Aluminum unibody with Icicle Gold anodizing
23.8" IPS
Full HD 1920x1080
Full HD 1920x1080
Ultra HD 3840x2160
Ultra HD 3840x2160
Core i5-6400T
Core i5-6400T
Core i7-6700T
Core i7-6700T
8GB DDR4-2133
8GB DDR4-2133
8GB DDR4-2133
16GB DDR4-2133
GeForce GTX 950M 1GB
GeForce GTX 950M 1GB
GeForce GTX 960M 2GB
GeForce GTX 960M 2GB
1TB hybrid drive
1TB hard drive
1TB hybrid drive
512GB PCIe 3.0 x4 SSD + 1TB HDD
720p webcam
10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet
802.11ac Wi-Fi with Intel WiDi support and Bluetooth 4.0
USB 3.1 Type-C, 4 x USB 3.0, USB 2.0, 2 x HDMI output, SD/MMC card reader, 3.5-mm microphone and headphone

Exclusive to the Microsoft Store, the Z240-C3 tweaks the formula slightly for $1099.  It trades hybrid storage for a traditional hard drive that isn’t quite as fast.  However, it also adds Intel’s RealSense camera, which supports Windows Hello facial login, real-time video effects, and motion control for games and applications.  The RealSense camera is included on all of the higher-end configs, as well.

Higher-end models of the Zen AiO feature Intel’s RealSense technology

The Zen AiO Pro models sold through the Microsoft Store are Signature Edition variants equipped with a pure Windows 10 installation.  You can download the apps that usually come with the Zen AiO Pro from the ASUS support site.

One step up from the Z240-C3 sits another Microsoft Store exclusive, the $1499 Z240-C4. This is the most affordable path to the 4K/Ultra HD touchscreen, which quadruples the pixel density to produce much sharper, more detailed visuals.  The high-PPI screen is ideal for content creators and anyone who dabbles in photo and video editing.  It’s also sublime for entertainment, whether you’re playing games at the native resolution or watching UHD movies that completely fill the screen.

The Z240-C4 drives its upgraded display with more powerful graphics.  NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 960M pumps up the clock speeds and doubles the video memory to 2GB to help games run smoother and look better.  Intel’s Core i7-6700T kicks things up a notch in the CPU department, delivering not only higher clocks than the i5-6400T, but also the ability to act like an eight-core chip via Hyper-Threading.  These changes make the Z240-C4 more responsive with both simple tasks and more demanding workloads, while the move to a 1TB hybrid drive ensures the internal storage won’t slow you down.

The Z240-C4 and Z240-C2 features NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 960M and Intel’s Core i7-6700T making them both fast and powerful

To take the top-of-the-line Z240-C2 to the next level, we swapped in a dual-drive storage configuration that pairs a 512GB PCI Express SSD with a 1TB hard drive.  The PCIe SSD is a beast compared to typical solid-state drives and in a whole other class compared to hybrids. With the hard drive along for the ride, you get a potent combination of blistering speed and copious capacity.

On top of the beefed up storage, the Z240-C2 has 16GB of RAM—double what’s in the other models.  The extra memory and ultra-fast SSD make this config even more capable in the hands of professionals and power users.  Asking price: $1899.



  1. Hi, here in Belgium the Zen AiO Pro Z240IC (model Z240ICGT-GJ053X) only comes with an 1TB SSHD (with 8GB flash) disk. Is it technically possible to replace it with or add an additional 512GB M.2 PCIe Gen 3 x 4 SSD disk to this computer?

    • @Filip : Did you find other store that vandenborre in Belgium?
      For the moment it is not yet available in store (only on order), I think of going to BOULANGER in France.

      The model which interests you is available in Germany only.
      According to what I saw on the Web all the configurations are not marketed by the European countries.

      • Eric, the 2 stores that will sell the Belgian model of the Asus Zen AiO Pro Z240IC are Tones and Vandenborre. It’s a pitty that ASUS does not offer us an upgrade with an additional 512GB M.2 PCIe Gen 3 x 4 SSD disk. If they want to bring a real iMac killer, they should make this offering to their customers.

    • I’ve called MediaMarkt. They told me they were going to sell C2 model shortly.

      “Nous vous remercions d’avoir contacté la boutique en ligne de Media Markt.
      Nous vous informons que l’article ASUS ZEN AIO z240icgt sera bientôt disponible à la boutique en ligne et dans nos magasins locaux. Dès que reçu, cet article sera visible sur notre site web.
      Nous vous invitons à visualiser régulièrement notre site web afin de savoir si cet article est arrivé.”

      To be continued…

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  2. Hi Geoff

    Thanks for the review. I too am interested in the Z240-C2. You wrote above that it will
    be available in December at “select partners”. Who are they, so I can monitor their sites
    when they will ship them?


  3. I have bought the German top model with 32 GB of RAM, GeForce GTX 960M with 4GB VRAM and 512 MB M.2 PCI Express® 3.0 x4 SSD Next-generation flash storage via Amazon.de here:

    Since, I am living in Belgium and couldn’t get along with the QWERTZU keyboard, I have bought this beautiful Designer Bluetooth® Desktop from Microsoft which allows you to remove the dongle at the back:

      • Hi Karel,
        I am very happy with my purchase. I think the extra 500 euro is worth the money because the disk is usually the bottleneck of the performance of the computer. A complete virus scan is now done in just a minute or so. It’s really amazing! This configuration does not only come with 32 GB (future proof investment), but also has 4GB VRAM on the Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M discrete video card. The fan noise is very low and constant. Only wagen you play heavy games like Battlefront, the fan will spin up a littlebit but the noise is really acceptable (this was also very import for me).
        I was a bit surprised that a lot of software does not look so nice on the 3840 x 2160 display. However, all the applications of the Windows 10 operating system, especially the contents in the new Edge browser and all of the Office 365 applications do look awesome on this 4K display!

  4. This feedback goes to Supply Chain Management/Legal Dept and ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih :

    Dear Vendor Asus :

    We all loyal users have trusted you since many years. We have been eagerly waiting/counting on you on game-changer all-in-one PC since 2nd Sep,2015.

    We do know your dream of having small and beautiful company and we pray for it to be true but at least some of us know as of now – it not as beautiful as it claimed to be.

    For instance – Asus designed earth’s most beautiful all-in-one PC – Zen AiO S Series with world “Zen” – it means lot in terms of perfection and it will be almost perfect,if you deliver what you promised without playing marketing games on foundation of our trust and faith in you and your company.

    Yes – we are all referring to “23.8-inch Zen AiO S Z240IC. Can’t you provide 1 optional upgrade option with the better hardware specs which last long and you earn #1 reputation

    We are not asking you to give product in donation/charity but with we are here to buy your the best product configuration with our after-tax hard-earned money

    We need

    A. GTX 980 instead of GTX 960 with max video memory.
    B. 32GB Memory
    C. Samsung SSD 850 PRO 2.5” SATA III 2TB – or variation 1 GB
    D. Samsung SSD 850 EVO M.2 – 120/250/500 GB
    E. If possible even better CPU

    If you can not meet above request then we sincerely request you to provide at least make full specs desktop available as per your published news-release http://press.asus.com/PressReleases/p/ASUS-Announces-Zen-AiO-S-Series#.VnxX5fkrKUk

    Can’t you hear us – atleast 25% of Asus fans who want to get full specs desktop you promised worldwide without any discrimination. No offense to German friends (actually danke) but we hear its available in Germany and no plan in USA. Its discrimination to USA based client-base. We keep getting false claim from your US teammates ( Dec/Jan/Feb ). This guy Khang Thai seems very irresponsible and we are still amazed why someone has not fired him for false promise ( yes we understand it happens but we see lack of commitments and discrimination).

    You probably understand better than any morans here on lost business opportunity. Clients on your distributor Microsoft are returning product.Pl. spare some time to read reviews over there when you get chance!

    Pl. fix this mess your supply chain has created on the most beautiful product (besides iphone 6s/Surface Pro 4 ) and show us good force. May the force be with you !

    • I agree with Zen Superuser!

      You also need to be straight forward about when it is going to be released!

      First September, then November, then December, now January! If this type of follow though and lack of commitment is indicative of what I can expect as far as quality in your products and support from your team, then I am probably going to be better off with Apple, HP or Dell!

      I wonder how many sales you have already lost due to your procrastination and not wanting to give the consumer the product they desire.

      I have the feeling your company is headed the direction of Gateway computers!

        • My C2 arrived last week from B&H. I’m glad I held-out for this model!

          While the rest of the world seems to be going for laptops and tablets, I need the screen real estate for writing my dissertation. I also compose music, and the large screen is great for looking at the whole score. The screen is beautiful! I will have to wait for the software world to catch-up on the scalable graphics. Some of the pop-up boxes on legacy software are too small. 🙂

  5. Hi all

    Just to inform. I’m from Belgium and yesterday they delivered mine (config with 1TB Hybrid HD / 16Gb Ram / 4GB GPU / i7 processor.

    only had a brief time to power it on, but i looks really nice.
    I see on the back two HDMI Ports, is it only HDMI out? or can you attach maybe a PS4 on it 🙂 ?

  6. First model ASUS ZEN AIO Z240ICGT-GJ037X has now arrived in Finland. I do not know the details of that configuration and nor does the reseller either but they list 512 GB SSD only, no HDD. USB 3.1 is also not mentioned, total number of USB ports is reported to be 5. Internal camera specification show just YES. Display specs show just 3840 x 2160. How could I find the real configuration? Price is listed 2 499€.
    Thank you

    • Ciao Gianluca, ho appena ordinato uno Z240ICGT-GJ168X, che monta 16 anzichè 32Gb di RAM ma ha un PCI-e da 512Gb. Purtroppo, almeno per ora, pare non ci sia l’opzione per avere anche abbinato un ulteriore HD SATA o SSD. O per i 32Gb di RAM. Tutto il resto, equivale al modello C-2 americano, con ulteriori 2Gb di RAM. Con un hard disk esterno USB 3.1 si può facilmente sopperire al problema senza violare la garanzia. Saluti, Michele.

      SYNTHESIS FOR NON ITALIAN READERS: most similar C-2 alternative for Italy comes with 4Gb video but the PCI-e drive (512Gb) has no SSD neither SATA additional drive. Info is current up to April 2016. What a beautiful machine!

      • Ciao Michele, ho un ASUS Z240ICGT-GJ168X identico al tuo. Vorrei sapere se hai provato o conosci qualcuno che a provato a collegare un monitor esterno UHD tramite porte HDMI, poiche vorrei acquistarne uno. Vorrei sapere come va. Asus in merito non è chiara. Grazie, Luigi

  7. (USA) Unfortunately after less than one day I am already having trouble with one of my C2’s. I bought two of them and one of them is working just fine (so far) and the other didn’t last two hours.

    It will go to sleep and not awaken. I have tried everything. The only way to get it operating again is with a hard shut down.

    I’m not super impressed so far and hope I can get it resolved.

  8. I am loving my C2! Arrived last week. Very powerful, sleek appearance…so far, the machine has exceeded my expectations.

    With the 512 SSD and the 1 TB HDD, what is the best strategy for using these two drives? Should programs and OS go on the SSD, and data files on the HDD? Is there a setting in Windows to make that happen automatically (pointing the default “documents” folders to the HDD)?


  9. Hi Alex et. al :

    Asus Z240-C2 with 32GB RAM option for US was dropped by Asus ( without any justification to clients or employees based on some stupid market-analysis/false inputs ). To me – it seems like wrong policy decision was made at higher-up and by person who does not take any wake-up calls to fix mistakes made or he/she does not have access to client feedback like Apple’s upper management.

    Pl. note the interesting product was made available in tech-savvy country – Germany – http://www.amazon.de/dp/B014BZ4FAA but see reviews made by early adopters.It certainly raise the flag if you are considering one. So delays from Nov/Dec/Jan raise now quality concern – did they encounter any issue which they are trying to hide by not being upfront and transparent ? It will be sad – if we have to learn this from fellow Asus users or our own bad experience.

    If you are still considering it – you should be asking question to Asus users who have already purchased on how to open and upgrade memory of Asus Z240-C2 yourself using product documentation (even if it may void warranty).RAM now days are very cheaper and it should be fairly easy to upgrade.

    Asus should have at least provide detailed step by step product documentation like Sager/Eurocom on upgrading the RAM/Hard-drive ( Shh ! Samsung’s 4 TB SSD is on its way :)).

    Anyway – rule of game – is vendors always charge way more when it comes to memory and hard-drive upgrades.

    Requesting all auto-bots of Asus Z240-C2 users – can you post youtube video from back and side and tell us how it looks to open the device with link in this post? Is it simple or complicated (like Surface Pro )

    May the force be with you,Alex once on 32GB model !

    For me – I am still waiting before making purchase since I don’t want to compromise quality.I will ask Dell,HP and other vendors and if someone takes my idea 64GB/32GB – I will go for it over USA edition of Asus Z240-C2. I want to give 1 more months to Asus. Deadline to lose me as client will be on 2/28.Don’t mind paying Asus $3K+ for right configuration with memory/SSD/GPU upgrade !

    Geoff Gasior – Can you pass our message to right folks who love to take wake-up calls and make clients happy? Thanks,dude.

    • I bought 2 of the Z240-C2’s two weeks ago and I am already returning one to the company I bought it from. The screen is yellow as if it is old and going out. It also is having trouble crashing, i.e. blue screen of death.

      Pretty sad considering the wait they put us through!

      And like you, I am not very happy with the lack of RAM for the U.S. and the inability to het larger HDD’s or SSD’s.

        • Update – purchased a Z240-C4 from Microsoftstore.com hoping it would be set up optimally with more power and less bloatware. Have the C4 in the center of my desk, and a Asus 28″ PB287Q UDH monitor plugged in with a HDMI cable. BUT any time the C4 is rebooted, it does NOT recognize the C4 monitor! The external monitor takes over and becomes the only monitor, and will not even recognize the C4 main monitor! Spent +3 hours online with Microsoft techs who took control of my machine and could not resolve. They then wanted to charge me roughly 10% of the cost of the C4 to have a Tech 2 attempt to repair. Took the C4 to a Microsoft store and they could replicate the problem, saying ‘never saw this before’, but they could NOT fix. Microsoft then checked and had a new C4 in the back that had just came in, and they offered to exchange it for free. Ok, works for me, so agreed and we set up the new C4, moved files, etc. Last step was to test and the new C4 had exactly the same problem as the first one!?!?!?!

          So now am back at home, and trying different driver packages to see if can figure out what the problem is as it does not seem to be a hardware problem. Anyone have any experience with this?

  10. Just bought the Italian equivalent of the US C-2: same specs but with 4Gb video instead of 2Gb video. Also, the only storage unit it has is the 512Gb PCI-e drive.

    My question is: What kind (specs: 2.5 or else) of additional HDD could I add-it up, if ever?

    Thanks a lot.

  11. In the UK there appears to be NO option to buy a Z40 with both the 4k screen and Hybrid or SSD. You can by the 1080p screen with a hybrid drive, or the 4k screen with a 5400rpm drive. Nobody answers the sales and marketing phone line at ASUS. Nice product, but unable to buy the hardware they advertise.

    • Ive just been told by ASUS UK that they hope to have the first batch of models with both the 4k screen and 500GB SSD with Amazon by the end of the month. However, I have also been told that the price will be £300 ($420) more for the model that swaps the 5400RPM HDD for a 512GB SSD.

      That makes the price of the C2 model over $2,500 in the UK….

  12. Hi people at ASUS:
    The zen pro looks that its a great model and I want to purchase in USA and delivered to Argentina. But I need more RAM than 8GB and I read ” The Pc is fully enclosure and not upgradeable”. It´s that true? Neither in stores like bestbuy, BH, microsoftstore or asus oficial support can make an memory upgrade???

  13. Hi All,
    I have a AiO Z240IC i5, 4GB RAM.
    I’ve disassembled the PC but I can’t find memory slots. Are they behind the motherboard or is the RAm built-in in the motherboard?
    Thanks in advance for your suggestion.

  14. Wrong e-mail in previous txt

    Hi All,
    I have a AiO Z240IC i5, 4GB RAM.
    I’ve disassembled the PC but I can’t find memory slots. Are they behind the motherboard or is the RAm built-in in the motherboard?
    Thanks in advance for your suggestion.