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Download Designer Android Wear Watchfaces for the ZenWatch 2

Android watchfaces come in a variety of styles. I typically prefer something minimalistic with clean lines. Recently, a collection of new faces became available for download on Google Play. Created by some of the top designers in the fashion industry, the watchfaces are a mix of simple, to complex – regardless, they are very unique and can make a real statement on your wrist.

You’ll have to download them separately, but they’re all free! See descriptions of the different faces below:

  • Ted Baker: Match your smartwatch to your ensemble with this superbly stylish Ted Baker-designed watch face. A must for modern ladies and tech-savvy gents, each face boasts a pair of Ted’s beautiful prints, where delightful detail is revealed with each passing moment. To liven things up, simply tap the face to invert the patterns.
  • Melissa Joy Manning: The Melissa Joy Manning Rock Geek watch offers 12 unique face designs, 1 for every month, that combine visually engaging images of birthstones with their spiritual properties, creating a personal connection between you and your watch.
  • Vivienne Tam: “Opera Girl” is inspired by Chinese Opera. Extending from its operatic theme, Vivienne Tam created “Opera Girl” for the modern generation through the magical world of Fashion. “Opera Girl” is festive, dramatic and romantic. “Opera Girl” turns on the spot so she is always facing the current time.
  • Nicole Miller: Nicole Miller’s playful design aesthetic is captured in this animated design for Android Wear. Watch the colorful word bubbles for upcoming agenda, weather updates, and fun pop art messages.
  • Y-3: The Y-3 Watch Face features an animated interpretation of a hand painted artwork created by Yohji Yamamoto himself for Y-3’s Spring Summer 2016 collection. A playful self portrait from the legendary fashion designer animated to keep time. A unique extension of the brand’s bold and pioneering sports fashion aesthetic now for your wristwatch.
  • Mango: Elegance is all about keeping it minimal. Make the most out of your time with the MANGO watch face ready-to-wear in black or white, the timeless and essential monochrome palette that will add an instant chic to your daily outfits. Run your time, run your style.
  • Zoe Jordan: Channel London fashion cool with designer Zoë Jordan’s 5 watch faces portraying a week’s moments.
  • Harajuku Kawaii!: 「HARAJUKU KAWAii!!」Watch Face produced by ASOBISYSTEM who generating KAWAII!! culture from Harajuku, Japan. Enjoy the colorful background and Pop clock hands of the watch. 

Tap the display, and a dashing animation would appear to tell you the time.
  • ASICS: Tracks your days progress and compare it with your previous days in a simple easy to read layout . Your fitness buddy will motivate you to constantly improve!

To change the watchface on your ZenWatch 2, long press on the face and scroll to the desired style!

The ZenWatch 2 is available in a multitude of colorways. Be sure to check out our comparison table!


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