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4 Tips for your ZenWatch 2

The ASUS ZenWatch 2 is a smartwatch that provides a lot of value. But a smartwatch sometimes isn’t as smart as we’d like them to be. There still takes some getting used to and a small learning curve is necessary to master the device. Lucky for you, I’ve got some tips that’ll help you with some features of your ZenWatch.

Enable Theater Mode so you don’t annoy anyone (meaning me)


The last thing people want in the theater is a blinding light in a dark movie theater. To turn that screen off, pull down from the top of the screen and swipe left to pull the theater card. Tap it to enable and you won’t be able to turn the screen back on unless you press the crown button.

Use Brightness Boost on a sunny day so you can see the screen more easily


In the opposite scenario, you’re on the boardwalk at the beach in the summer and it’s bright as heck outside. This is is when you need to turn the brightness up so the screen is more visible. To boost the brightness level, pull down from the top of the screen, and then swipe left until you see “Brightness Boost”. Tap on it and it will automatically increase it significantly.

Accidentally dismiss a card? Bring it back


So you’ve accidentally swiped to the right to dismiss some cards. Woops! Bring them back with ease. You can swipe up from the bottom of the watchface to bring up the card you just dismissed. This will allow you to do whatever you wish!

Here’s a list of Google Now commands

  • When is [insert holiday]?
  • What’s the weather today?
  • Who is [insert celebrity]
  • Show me the stocks for [Google]
  • Play [insert song here from Play Music]
  • Start [stopwatch]
  • What is the meaning of [insert word]
  • Send a text to [contact]

These four tips should help you feel more comfortable using the ASUS ZenWatch 2. Keep practicing and download apps that you find useful from the Google Play Store. Let us know what you love, and we’ll share with the community.

For more information on the ZenWatches that we have available, check out our buyer’s guide!


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