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How-to charge your Tesla from a ZenFone

April Fools 2016

If you’ve never heard of the ZenFone Max, that might be because it’s not sold here in North America. We don’t normally talk about products that never make it to our shores, but this case is a special one. The engineers over at ASUS HQ have figured out a way to use the 5000mAh battery in the ZenFone Max to power up any electric car with a seemingly simple device called the A.C.T. The A.C.T. converts the charging cable on the Tesla (and most electric cars) into a micro-USB that allows the user to plug straight into the ZenFone Max. No more getting caught without a quick-charge station with A.C.T. and the ZenFone Max.


For more info on the A.C.T., check out the site and the video below.


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