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PokeTips with Team ASUS

As you guys know, the Pokemon GO hype is real, and we finally got an update (ver. 0.29.2) that allows you to play Pokemon GO on your ZenFone 2! A lot of people in the office have been playing the game religiously so much so that  our lunches consist of PokeWalks in the warm California sun.  We here at ASUS have concocted a small tips and tricks guide from our Pokemon GO group here in the office that can help you become the very best like no one ever was.

Trainer Miranda (Front End Developer)
If you have access to lots of Pokeballs, be sure to maximize your leveling by catching lots of Pidgies. Once you have a hundred or so Pidgey candies and a dozen Pidgies, pop a Lucky Egg (you can grab one from the PokeStore) and evolve all of them into Pidgeottos; you’ll get 1000XP for each evolution with the lucky egg!

*Remember, each Pidgey you capture gives you 3 candies and every Pidgey you transfer to the professor gives you 1 candy!

Trainer Rey (Designer)
Pay attention to the actual move set that your Pokemon has. If it’s an elemental, try to have both attacks that are the same element, for example, “Ember” and “Fire Blast”. By having both attacks be the same element, you can deal optimal damage to Pokemon of the weaker element; even if their CP (combat points) is higher.

Trainer Derek (Designer)
Try your best to focus on mastering the technique of tossing a curveball to increase your chances of capturing le pokemanz. If you successfully capture a Pokemon by doing a curveball, you’ll get an extra 10 EXP on top of the 100 EXP you get for a capture. After Level 12, you’ll start getting Great Balls, so it’s a great thing to learn and utilize when you are facing higher CP Pokemon.

Trainer Steve (Back End Developer)
If you are running out of items in your backpack, especially Pokeballs, grab a friend and drive through a dense Pokestop area. A good place is a downtown area where you have to drive slow. Have the driver keep their speed under 15mph if possible (to keep incubating eggs) and have the passenger dual-wield phones and constantly hit all the stops. Did this last night in Downtown San Jose and hit at least 12 stops in less than 5 minutes, leveled up, and went from about 15 Pokeballs to over 100. Also, dogs are great for sniffing out Pokemon (disclaimer: not really).

P9320377_an.jpgTrainer Ann (Consumer Marketing)
Pokemon GO is a battery eater. For some users, they can literally see their battery drain right before their eyes. If you’re going to play for more than an hour, grab an ASUS ZenPower. This way, you won’t be running to the nearest Starbucks to charge your phone if you’re on a walk.

Trainer Jenny (Assistant Product Manager)
If you’re too busy to catch a Pokemon on the spot, you can tap the Pokemon to get into the catching screen and leave it there. You are still able to catch it regardless of how many miles/time has passed.

Right now, the ASUS store is having a bundle sale for all of you trainers out there! We have two of them going around right now: the ZenFone 2 Laser Trainer Bundle and the ZenFone 2 White Trainer Bundle, and both come with a Power Bank so your battery doesn’t run out trying to catch that Dragonite! Grab while the offer still lasts!

We hope you guys enjoyed this guide! Feel free to ask questions in the comments down below!


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